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MyClassboard and Lifeboard Integration Benefits for Students

Educational Technology is the application of scientific knowledge and learning and the conditions of learning to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teaching and training.” Educational Technology may be also defined as a separate field in the theory of education dealing with the development and application of the use of educational resources.
Fuelling its services to the field of education, MyClassboard is a futuristic teaching tool that is being used to cut through the heavy workload of imparting education to children by integrating the advances in technology with the invaluable experience of teachers. Lifeboard is a Bangalore-based company that uses educational technology to change the way an individual learns and empowers teachers to deliver quality education.
The integration of MyClassboard with Lifeboard makes K-12 learning easy through a platform called ConfluLearn, a simplified tool for teachers and students built on a unique technology that creates intelligent learning content from Open Educational Resources. The platform supports CBSE, ICSE, NCERT and several State Board Syllabi with local language content and its innovative technology works directly with teachers and learners.
ConfluLearn helps thousands of children study better and create a better life and makes learning fun for kids with interactive videos to games. Teachers and students can simply log in to MyClassboard using their ids and access the links of Lifeboard provided.
  • It maintains repositories that help students to extract the content as per their requirement.
  • It acts as a digital library to all our clients.
  • Students can use the attached content to read and also take a self-test of what they have learned so far.
  • Teachers can also assign work to students from the links of Lifeboard.
  • It works from any electronic device like mobile phone, tablets, iPads etc.
  • It brings to you the next generation interactive learning at your fingertips.
Educational Technology is widely accepted as the application of system approach in the systematic design of a learning system to bring about improvement in the teaching-learning-evaluation process. MyClassboard uses this educational technology tool through ConfluLearn to connect teachers and students and makes learning interesting and make stress-free.

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