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MyClassboard Events – MyClassboard Conference Jan 3 2016 Daspalla

For a company that is taking steps to make its existence known and be distinctive from the other companies by setting a standard for itself, what else could be more desired than a recognition or appreciation? Marking the beginning of a successful journey was the recognition that MyClassboard received from Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji.

All the efforts of our visionary and ambitious CEO Mr. Ajay Sakhamuri, finally took the flight with MyClassboard receiving an invitation from our prime minister for a “Best Startup Company”. Unveiling the significant development, MyClassboard held a conference on January 3, 2016, in Daspalla to escalate its acknowledgment and simultaneously publicize its product. By then, the MyClassboard family has already upgraded itself with technology and additional features that would further intensify our product.

The conference was attended by many dignitaries in the stream of Education who have raised a banner for themselves inspiring many to follow the footsteps. Of those who enlightened educational sector by their quality education were Mr. PVRK Murthy, Chairman, SriGayatri Educational Institutions, Mr. Murali Mukund, Chairman, Jubilee Hills Public School, Mr. Ramesh, Director, Delhi Public School, and Mr. Srini Raju, Co-founder and Chairman, Peepul Capital, to name a few that were present.

The conference was mainly focused on emphasizing the product endorsed by MyClassboard which was available for all schools irrespective of the curriculum. With latest upgradations and exceptional features, MyClassboard exhibited its various product launches promising a great journey for all schools and colleges that were willing to travel with us. Undoubtedly, undeniably and unwaveringly MyClassboard has been on a successful journey enabling many to taste the progress.

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