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Backup MyClassboard – Data Privacy & Security

Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin proposed his theory of evolution in November 1859 according to which all life forms are constantly evolving. With the exclusion of man and few other higher species, this evolution is solely based on the effects of environment on these life forms, as far as the other higher species are concerned their enhanced mental acumen plays a role in their evolution and as Man is the most sentient of intelligent beings on the face of this planet, his intelligence factors to a higher degree in his own evolution.

Man, through his own devices has time and again forayed into unknown realms and extracted pearls of wisdom hitherto unknown which have paved the stepping stones for the latter generations to come and peruse these tidbits of wisdom even further.

There is no doubt regarding the claim that technology and specifically Internet has been the biggest advancement in our day to day lives and this is what is going to dictate our evolution for the coming generations. However, the burning question here is not the future but the present and what these technological advancements mean now.

Present Day Scenario

In the grand scheme of things were a race of a being is considered as unity, aspects like individual privacy take a back seat, but once again due to the advanced technology that we are privy to right now, privacy is taking a far more prominent position. The fact that data leakage on any level is disastrous is no longer a myth.

The hacker community is so well versed in their craft that the best sites are notwithstanding their onslaught, but there are stringent steps being taken against them.

MyClassboard & Data Privacy

MyClassboard is a software solution for all functional needs of an educational institution like school/college and as such these institutions put a lot of trust in us when they share not only their personal data like contact information and banking information but also data of their students and the parents of these students.

We at MyClassboard recognize this as the ultimate show of faith and pledge to always live up to your expectations and to address this cause we have employed some of the most labor intensive security measures as safeguard for your data. We have highly sophisticated security protocols and encryption parameters in place and numerous firewalls also safeguard your data constantly.

Certain malicious attackers are known to cause havoc not by stealing data but by rendering it useless and the best defense against such attacks are regular backups that we currently perform to ensure that we have a very up-to-date backup of all the data available.

These and many more security measures are in place to safeguard your data with MyClassboard. This should give you the peace of mind you seek regarding the data privacy. Want to know more regarding this? Click Know More below!

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