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MyClassboard and Paytm Benefits for Schools

Amidst the currency crunch across the country, what could be a more challenging task to schools? The answer is obvious and it is the fee collection. Amongst those who were severely hit by the demonetization move were the schools throwing parents into chaos. In order to pull out the ambiguity and adhere to the changing economy, schools opted for online fee payment that can be made as easy as it can be through a payment gateway.
Ever since the announcement made by the Modi government to encourage digital transactions, payment gateways were on the rise with Paytm being the nucleus. Starting from a tea or vegetable vendor to Flipkart or Amazon or any other reputed vendors, Paytm was for everyone. This is the current scenario which is being noticed and schools were no exception to this and even they started getting integrated with Paytm gateway to curb the effect.
Here’s a good news for all the schools that are hunting down ways to get a payment gateway integration. MyClassboard unlike other school software envisaged the need and significance of digital transactions and incorporated Paytm payment gateway integration in its module.
Schools now no longer have to be perplexed and fret about the daunting situation as MyClassboard stands tall and visible with its payment gateway integrated into its product. Paytm payment gateway is a payment aggregator which facilities to accept payments online, on Mobile, on IVR & POS using a credit card, debit card and net banking.
The fee collection module of MyClassboard is already infused with the Mode of Payment section displayed on the screen with different options like payment through cheque, debit card, credit card, internet banking. Parents can simply opt for digital payment which directs them to Paytm payment gateway to pay their fee.
The transaction is instantaneous and the money will be credited to the school within no time. It is a commendable note that schools are seriously tilted towards the goodwill of parents by getting accustomed to payment gateways which helps in increasing the school branding.
MyClassboard had already been in the field setting up a province for itself in terms of payment gateways challenging its peers to try the same. Schools are you too in pursuit of a school management software that provides this additional feature? Your quest now comes to an end with MyClassboard already offering the services and welcoming you to become a partner. Would you not like to get associated with us? This is how you can do it.

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