How MCB Online Classes Can Be Beneficial?
MCB’s Online Classes caters to educational institutions to continue teaching students amid coronavirus. We believe now more than ever before schools are committed to achieving the academic goals through distance format aka online classes. MCB’s Online classes are capable of providing a viable option for students to keep up and reach their academic goals during this national lockdown. Online Classes platform encourages schools to shift classes online while we all fight the pandemic together. We at MCB offer a comprehensive set of benefits over other existing alternatives to deliver seamless and synchronous collaborative learning online Here are some of the many benefits of MCB Online Classes: Video & Audio Conferencing Experience high-definition video and audio conferencing as you collaborate face-to-face. The full-screen conference option makes the experience real classroom like. Enjoy uninterrupted interactive live online classes with echo-free audio output for more pleasant events. Live Screen Sharing: With the option of the live screen and whiteboard sharing, teachers can share their screen in real-time and provide remote assistance. To give teachers more control over what students are viewing and restrict them from sharing random content, sharing privileges set to “Host-Only,” so teachers by default are the only ones who can share content during an online class. However, if students require to share their activity with the class, screen sharing can be enabled in the host controls. Whiteboard Sharing: The teacher can make use of single or multiple Whiteboard to write or draw, illustrate, show diagrams, upload presentations, images or even play videos from your library in a hassle-free manner. It comes with a full-screen mode, giving scope for a bigger workspace. Teachers can annotate to explain and comment on an existing file or image while having the option to choose different colours from the colour palette. Waiting Room The Waiting Room is one of the best ways to protect your online classes and keep out those who aren’t admitted. When this feature is enabled, the teacher has two options for who hits the Waiting Room before joining a class. One wherein all students will be sent to the virtual waiting area, where you can individually admit them or all at once. The second option lets the known students skip the Waiting Room and join while sending anyone not signed in/part of your school into the virtual waiting area. The virtual Waiting Room can be enabled for every class (in your settings) or for individual classes at the scheduling level. Recording: You can record, upload, organize and store your content in the cloud and access it whenever and whereever. The library that’s integrated supports all different types of files, leaving the hassle of transferring and carrying data behind. You can upload text, audio, video, PPT, and HTML files in multiple formats. It’s easy to access the content and share it with your audience. And, once a content resource is uploaded to the library, it can be reused for different classes. Other Impeccable Highlights: Virtual background – You can enable virtual background during video conferencing. Polling – You can use the live poll feature to pose questions or receive feedback. Students can use the live chat feature and Raise Hand feature to ask questions. Breakout Rooms – Can create separate rooms when participants are more Group Chats/Private chats. Keyboard/mouse control – You can give remote access to other participants to control your screen.
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