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Importance of GPS tracking system in school bus

Importance of GPS tracking system in school bus

Navigation could be challenging without knowledge of the location, where to go & or route information. However, technology has simplified the difficulties in our day-to-day navigation and enhanced safety & ease of travel.
With a GPS, it’s easy to locate, map, track, & navigate anywhere. Because of its benefits, it has found increasing use recently. However, GPS could see its best use to ensure the safety of students with its integration into school buses.

What is a GPS tracking system?

A GPS stands for “Global Positioning System”, a satellite-based radio navigation system from the USA government. It is a global navigation satellite system which provides geolocation and time location to a GPS receiver.
The latest software utilizes the various features of a GPS to provide real-time navigation information.

How does GPS work for a school bus?

A GPS tracking device integrated into the school bus is paired with vehicle tracking software to provide real-time location updates. The latest smart device is in-built with components to support vehicle tracking software and paired with a GPS device to bring a constant update on the school bus’s location.

What are the advantages of GPS for a school bus?

The safety of students is a concern that most parents and schools have. Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong while going to school or returning from school. Reliability of humans has yielded inconsistent results and jeopardized the safety of young students. However, with the adoption of technology, much of the hassle in commuting can be resolved. A GPS in vehicle tracking software for schools provides inexplicable advantages for the safety of students and school staff.

Few advantages of integrating a GPS with a vehicle tracking software for schools;

A school bus fitted with a GPS tracking device provides real-time location details through vehicle tracking software for schools. Such an application allows schools and parents to monitor school bus locations with great accuracy constantly.
The vehicle tracking software for schools is designed to send constant updates to both schools and parents with any changes in the bus route, pick up and drop location arrivals, traffic status, etc. Real-time communication between school and parents allows appropriate planning to commute to and from school with peace of mind regarding child safety.
Given the live tracking of bus location, vehicle tracking software for schools integrated with GPS makes the driver accountable for any changes from the planned commute. The driver needs to provide a justifiable explanation for any diversion, and any idea of mischief can be brought under control by the school authorities.
Additionally, schools can constantly monitor the speed and routes taken to ensure the safe transport of students within the limits of safety standards.
Drivers can also be held accountable for efficient usage of resources such as vehicle fuel, transportation duration, number of trips, etc.
An unruly driver who doesn’t comply with traffic rules and a predefined set of school guidelines can be a big nuisance to student safety. In this direction, vehicle tracking software for schools integrated with GPS will enforce a strict compliance requirement from the driver as they will be constantly monitored in real time. Any unnecessary speeding, traffic signal jump, or diversion in the route can be brought under control leading to a safe commute for students.
As vehicle tracking software for schools constantly tracks the vehicle routes, traffic conditions, and fuel efficiency, it can provide schools with appropriate data to plan for a better route, time management, & fuel saving.
Short routes also ensure students’ best safety and enhance fuel efficiency towards improved transport budget management.
Traffic jams are the biggest hassle in cities today. No matter how early we start, long hours of jam can hinder us from reaching our destination on time. A GPS is equipped with the mapping of routes, which will allow schools to plan a new way in case traffic is unusually high on the primary route. Integration into vehicle tracking software for schools would ensure prompt communication of any changes in the bus route.

MyClassboard brings sophisticated GPS technology integrated with its vehicle tracking software for schools. It enables schools & parents to receive real-time updates on the school bus and ensure the safety of students. MyClassboard also enhances the safety of students with RFID data, which collects identification data to capture student attendance. As a result, it makes student attendance smooth and reduces the chances of proxy attendance.


Student safety should be the highest priority of schools, and it can be achieved with the appropriate investment in sophisticated vehicle tracking software for schools, and GPS enabled fleets. The latest technology allows schools to manage the efficient commute of students with real-time updates. Fleet management related to any work is extremely difficult without automation. MyClassboard provides efficient Vehicle Tracking Software for Schools to maximize productivity.

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