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How new technology in education can enhance learning?

Technology is now everywhere which can be seen penetrating through our very own lives. The advent of this technology has impacted the way education is perceived. The new technology in education can be seen as an evolutionary approach to learning yielding better results. Technology has benefited in distance education making learning go beyond geographical boundaries. With the introduction of new gadgets coming into the market every day, learning is now a click away. TV, the Internet, and mobiles are some examples of technologies we can’t ignore using them in our daily life. In this technological era, mobile phones, tablets, laptops and internet services make learning feasible and easily accessible. With the smart technology available in everyone’s palm, now one can access their mobile phone or tablet for easy access to information as many educational related apps are made available. When talking about the impact of this new technology on education, it has to be understood that technology in education generates greater interest in learning. With its long-lasting information storage, technology can be seen as a teaching aid which makes teaching more interactive that motivates and enables students to learn at their own pace. With computer assisted learning being used widely in many schools, colleges, and Universities, it is no exaggeration that using technology in education has become a fact of our lives. Technology in schools is what every student or parent looks forward to. The changing trends and advancement in technology often persuade one to move along the changes and embrace them. The educational sphere has got accustomed to this change by introducing technology in schools to enhance learning skills in students. Gone are the days when students use to carry heavy loads of books in their backpacks. Now, all the information available in books can be acquired from a laptop which hardly weighs few pounds. It is evident that textbooks have been replaced by iPads which weigh drastically less than a textbook but can hold a lot more content. The information has now been digitized with robust storage. The introduction of Digital classrooms in schools has made technology and teaching an unbreakable combination. Technological developments like smart boards, classrooms PC, projectors, power point presentation and television are few types of technology used in education that has enhanced learning. They facilitate simultaneous viewing of information by students. A visual explanation of concepts makes teaching and learning more interesting in classrooms. It makes students pro-active and more excited to learn and also helps them to build their confidence by researchers. Technology in schools makes student life easy. It’s not just a pen and paper that a student has or requires to express himself. He/She can now make use of the technological aids to make notes, prepare a presentation of what has been taught in schools. Integrating technology in classrooms makes learning more interesting in students. Technology has few important facets that took education to a new level. Online education and distance education are the two aspects that gave education a new dimension. Online education eliminates time and space constraints as education can be acquired from any corner of the world. With many educational institutions providing online educational programs, it can be seen that there is no geographical distance and time difference. This new technology in education is revolutionizing education by making learning more collaborative and knowledge sharing easy. It can be said that technology will and still remains a vital component of society and education as well and who can tell what it will usher in, in the new age? Let’s wait and watch!

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