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Blended Learning

How blended learning can enhance learning outcomes

How blended learning can enhance learning outcomes

The dynamics of schooling changed entirely since the pandemic hit us. As schools were closing down for the safety of students, schools faced a new challenge to continue education amid pandemic lockdown. School ERP software provided the rightful technology to conduct schooling without physical presence.

However, as the pandemic settles and vaccination provides the confidence to deal with recurring infections, blended learning has provided a convenient transition to full-scale physical presence in schools.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a combination of online and offline learning at schools, universities, or institutions as a way to transition after a pandemic into full-scale education. It is also known as Hybrid learning, as a convenient number of online classes and classrooms are mixed to create an enriching learning experience.
It improves learning outcomes as students can explore web-based tools to supplement their knowledge, and offline classes and interactions with teachers and peers significantly reinforce learned knowledge.

Benefits of the blended learning system

A blended learning system comes with immense benefits for students and schools to improvise learning as per the demands of today’s world. Moreover, some of the benefits of a blended learning system have convinced schools to adapt to the new learning method.
Blended learning is a great way to bring flexibility as students can cope with vast and multiple subjects at their convenience. They can schedule their practice and revisions as per the schedules of blended learning, which might give them enough time to do self-preparation and participate in physical classes for enhanced understanding of concepts.
Additionally, during a blended learning system, students can save their precious time traveling back and forth to school and utilize it constructively to destress and plan self-study.
Distance and hassles of traveling through traffic discourage many from opting for formal learning. Blended learning is a way to provide access to learning for everyone as it minimizes the hassles of traveling, saving on time and expenses.
There can be multiple scenarios where a student will not be able to attend classes physically. In such a case, blended learning would provide a way to treat the sessions online. In some cases, classroom teaching is recorded and uploaded online for future reference can prove to be helpful for students to access every resource for better learning.
Ownership for learning is vital for students to pursue their higher education, and students should be trained as early as possible to take responsibility for their learning. Blended learning provides an excellent chance for students to take ownership of their learning as they attend online classes. Students can do their information research, plan for projects, comprehension, & practice during online sessions.
Student discipline and time management are essential aspects that can be regulated with a blended learning system. As online platforms are strictly time-bound, students can practise better time management to complete assigned tasks. Students are more mindful of following the schedules of online classes, and hence, it improves student discipline in studies.
For schools, a blended learning system is a way to be prepared for future emergencies of school closure. As staff, teachers, & students get first-hand experience of online learning, they are aware of the technicalities and challenges of a virtual classroom that bring better transition & innovation for future requirements.
A blended learning system provides student engagement with various web-based tools such as multimedia lessons, podcasts, virtual reality sessions, and offline activities in class. It intrigues the student to be fully absorbed in learning, and boredom is never in their mind.
Technology enhances our learning outcomes by providing data and reports on student understanding. With enough analytics, schools can know student engagement and comprehension of concepts. A blended learning system allows schools to use online platforms to understand gaps in their teaching and improvise accordingly with constant evaluations and checks.
Given the flexibility for remote classes whenever possible, blended learning can boost student enrolment for quality learning and choicest subjects worldwide.

Challenges of blended learning

Besides benefits, a few challenges of blended learning may prove discouraging for schools and students.
A blended learning system requires high-speed internet access, and the unavailability of the internet in a location can be a challenge for students and schools. Appropriate infrastructure should be fixed in place for an uninterrupted online class.
Web-based learning can be an easy way to distract students like several tools are at easy reach of students that would divert their attention from the prescribed learning curriculum. Students can also encounter unauthorized content and come in contact with malicious software that may infringe on their data.
Not all schools are prepared to make their leap into the next stage of learning, and it may take some time to set appropriate infrastructure in place for online classes to be part of their academic schedule. In addition, user awareness and hands-on experience with an online school operating platform can be time-consuming for schools to bring a synchronized approach toward blended learning.

In conclusion

Blended learning is the way forward for schooling during uncertain times. It brings convenience and keeps in place safety concerns for everyone. MyClassboard is one of the leading choices for online classes and school management. Its user interface is straightforward, powerful, & versatile to bring the latest tool integrations for a wonderful learning experience through online courses, reports on student progress, communication, and a comprehensive databank of resources stored as a digital library. Multiple formats of learning resources can be integrated on the MyClassboard platform for an enriching experience for students.

Constant support and updates of the technology allow schools to feel the advancement of technology in the education domain. Schools are just a click away from digital transformation with MyClassboard. Learn more about MyClassboard school management software with our experts.

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