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A Full-Scale School Automation Software For All Schools

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]“The squeaky wheel gets the oil,” is a popular proverb. If we remember, we all rode a bicycle when we were a child for long distances between home and school. During such instances, we often noticed the squeaky sounds of the wheels that apparently drew our attention to the need to lubricate them and we eventually ended up doing the same. So is the case with many schools that repeatedly needed lubrication to their school system for the smooth running of the operations. Many a times schools complain about various issues in several departments that demand equal consideration and these issues outrun each other. In an attempt to minimize the friction, schools sought for a school automation software that allows smooth movement of the processes. This phenomenon of a squeaky wheel in the schools has caught the attention of MyClassboard to offer its lubricant software that polishes the school administration process and paves the way for effortless management.

Below are few exemplary cases where schools with several issues got them resolved through MyClassboard school automation software and stand as witness to many proclaiming the hassle-free functioning of operations.

To begin with, it’s The Global Edge School located in Hyderabad with branches in Madhapur, Banjara Hills and Kukatpally. This school like all other schools had a major issue with the admissions, applications and enrollments. Managing the entire admission process, handling the enquiries received from parents, tracking application forms, etc., were the serious concerns the school had in all its branches. The Admissions software empowered by MyClassboard solved most of its problems by providing an amicable solution with regard to the admission process. The student admission software has facilitated The Global Edge School to create customized enquiry forms online through which parents can place their enquiries. All the enquiries will be collated for further follow up from the admission team who later call the prospective clients and get their queries solved. It is made sure, the team will not miss out any enquiry and have a regular follow up with the Follow-up module included in the software. The sale of applications to parents has been provided online encouraging parents to apply at their comfort without having them come to the school in person. The later process is followed by the admission team enabling an effortless admission process in the school. The Global Edge School has expressed its content in terms of admissions with the MyClassboard Admissions module and claims that there was a potential increase in the number of admissions year-on-year after they incorporated the MyClassboard school automation software.

Next, comes the Bhavan’s Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya, a private school in Sainikpuri, Secunderabad, India run by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan educational trust. This school encountered a major difficulty in handling the fee collections; the parents too registered complaints with the school regarding the same. Streamlining all the financial operations of the school and ensuring an easy workflow in the fee collection process, the MyClassboard Fee Collection Software was a savior to the school. Online payment gateway integrations, accounting software integrations consolidated in the software was something the school was in quest of. With MyClassboard, Bhavan’s Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya could overcome the daunting situation and never ever had any difficulty in fee collection and financial management. The fee receipt generation was yet another endeavor for the school as MyClassboard has the aforementioned facility too. Previous receipts can be viewed and printed as and when needed, ending the chaos.

The next in the list to share its part of the testimony is the Manthan International School located in Madhapur and Tellapur. This school had a complication in managing the Human Resource Department and the processes in it. Tracking staff attendance, managing leaves, payroll processing, generating salaries, etc., were something the school was struggling to deal with. Yet again, MyClassboard with its HR & PayRoll software for schools stands visible assuring the schools to fulfill their needs. The payroll software comes with all the necessary features a school looks for and much more that meets the demands. This software comes with a flexibility to track the staff and employee attendance with minimal effort, automates payroll processing, generates salaries with relative ease. The MyClassboard HR & PayRoll software for schools also allows the school management to recruit capable staff, set a predefined leave structure as per the institute’s hierarchy. It also allows the school staff to apply leaves online, check for the available leaves, deductions and allocations. With all the enhanced functionality provided by MyClassboard, “What else could anyone want?,” claims Manthan International School.

The Rockwell International School located in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, has its testimony to share with us too. The assessment reports were a hiccup in this school and too often confronted snags while generating ICSE report cards. Just like every educational board follows a unique format in calculating the grades, assessments and generating report cards, ICSE has its own structure. MyClassboard is a complete school automation software for multiple educational boards like SSC, CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IE. The school grade management software endorsed by MyClassboard has the ICSE report card format infused in its module. In a major breakthrough to the Rockwell school, this software offered the grading system and assessment reports that can be customized as per the school’s’ requirements. The grading software helped the school management to calculate grades and generate customized report cards setting the school free from the quandary.

To still continue with the list, we have Delhi School of Excellence, a CBSE affiliation located in Hyderabad with branches in Banjara Hills, Attapur and Manikonda. As we all know, what could be a major issue to the school management and parents alike apart from academics; Yes, the transport issue. The DSE too faced a dig with respect to the transport provided and security of students. The school transportation software offered by MyClassboard assures the safety and security of students availing the transport simultaneously ensuring peace of mind to parents. The GPS bus tracking application installed in the school automation software has evolved to be a solace to the school. The management and parents can track the bus live from wherever they are and monitor the location, know the whereabouts of children in the bus using the GPS bus tracking service. Timely alerts concerning the pickup, delay and dropping are sent to the parents guaranteeing double safety. The transport service offered by MyClassboard has allowed the school management to have a keen eye on the buses ferrying students as well as all the buses in the fleet.

MyClassboard has many more testimonies as such in its pocket receiving applause from all its clients for its various modules and the school automation software as a whole. Are you excited and want to know in depth of our software and products? Would you also like to get associated with us by buying our software? If you too are willing to try our software and know it by yourself rather than going with the reviews, this is how you can do it. Sign up below for a trial version.

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