Features of an Innovative School ERP
Why is ERP important to any company? Consider a business or any organization of small size say with an employee headcount of less than 50. It has very few defined processes that need to be operated and it is very easy for managers to organize, maintain, control and track things. Let’s say, if there is an organization of big size or your business has grown up quite a bit with more than 1000 employees, it obviously needs different processes, activities, procedures and human resources to achieve the business goals. Now, out of these numerous procedures, one can’t expect everything to be automated, as some might be manual too. Moreover, there are minimal chances that these activities and procedures are well documented. This, in turn, will affect the productivity of the organization. For an organization that has no ERP will be running on many kinds of software that do not allow any interaction. Implementing an ERP solution helps businesses to streamline various processes, allows them to have an integrated view of all business processes. This further allows efficiency and effectiveness in achieving business goals and improving the productivity and profitability of the organization. What is a school ERP and why do schools need an ERP? It has to be understood that a school too has various departments and several processes that need to be managed and maintained effectively. If all the departments of the school are not properly integrated, it leads to chaos as the information is inconsistent and inaccurate. Hence, an ERP implementation is suggested to ensure all the information is maintained and managed in a consistent manner across all departments. School ERP solution helps schools to streamline all the departments’ processes, allows the staff to log in on a regular basis and track the information as and when required. Once an ERP is implemented in the school, it integrates all the departments into a single unified system providing complete visibility and accessibility. There would be no data duplication, no redundant tasks and improves collaboration and efficiency in employees. Features of a school ERP The general or basic features of any ERP are financial management, human resource management, sales management, project management, inventory management, ease of integration, etc. When it comes to a school ERP these are the key features that a school should look for before implementing one to its system. Admission Management Timetable Management Financial Management Inbuild Biometrics Library Management Easy to adapt Scalable Cost-effective User-friendly and maintenance free Fully integrated The school ERP solution empowered by MyClassboard is not limited to the above-mentioned features. It also provides the following functionalities like SMS Alerts RFID-enabled Library module E-enabled to teachers, parents, students, management Mobile Functionality Highly customizable Online School Fee Collection (Support Internet banking) School Bus Tracking (GPS-enabled) 24 x 7 Availability Are you looking for a school ERP? MyClassboard is the ultimate school ERP solution you should be using as the benefits outweigh the initial cost, time and effort associated with incorporating the software into your school followed by the end results.
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