Ensure Perfect Attendance in Your Schools
Attendance in schools, colleges or universities is required as in it is a legal record of whether a student was in the school or not. In some schools, attendance is a part of academics and grading policy and thus recording student’s attendance is a requirement for school and if there are any concerns over a child’s attendance the school works with parents to ensure the child attends regularly.
The manual process of taking attendance and registering it in stacks of files can be sort of damage to the school management and it is not ensured whether the manual data entry is adequate to the point of error-free and managing the record in files may often lead to data loss. To fill the potholes, there was much obligation for a student attendance software that maintains the school with a perfect attendance.
Considering the need of the hour to pull schools plunged into the dungeon, MyClassboard proposes a student attendance software that safeguards the school from disruptions. This software saves the precious time and resources and keeps the school management amplified towards productivity and growth.
Student attendance software customized by MyClassboard helps teachers to mark the attendance of all students in the system effortlessly. Making it further easier, teachers can even mark attendance through the mobile app by logging in with their unique id. In the case of child’s absence, MyClassboard has facilitated this feature in its software whereby an automated SMS is generated and sent to the parents intimating the same.
Parents can also view their ward’s attendance daily or monthly using their parental app. The attendance module in the parent app projects a graph representation of the attendance of students monthly. It also displays the number of working days and the number of days present by the student for that month.
MyClassboard has also enabled an added feature in its student attendance software that works for the benefit of students, parents and the management alike. In the case of consecutive absence of the student for 3 days or more, an alert will be sent simultaneously to the principal, parents and teachers.
We also provide a biometric system to the schools if they are willing to adapt one by integrating it with the third party, which directly pushes the biometric attendance to the software. With all the above features inculcated in the student attendance software, you can simplify the tedious task of keeping attendance.
Monitor your school students’ attendance with MyClassboard and track the attendance of your class conveniently with relative ease. Attendance tracking is entirely web-based so you can enter data from anywhere you can access the internet. Try our software for free and get started.
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