Effective Features of School Transport Management System
One of the major concerns that every parent faces nowadays is the safety of his child. This has not been a major concern of parents alone but the school management as well. Apart from providing quality education, state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly educated and experienced faculty, schools providing transportation facilities to a student for their better security is the biggest challenge.
This school transport management system has been capturing the eye of many parents demanding and insisting the school management for advanced features that ensure the safety and security of their children. MyClassboard with the help of technological innovation instigates a transport module in its software that maintains the transport management system of the school simultaneously ensuring safety to the students.
One of the most effective features that any educational institution can provide with is the transport management system. MyClassboard provides a complete core solution for many of the concerns that parents face regarding the transport thereby ensuring peace of mind to them. The bus routes and stops, student transport data, transport attendance, transport expenses, GPS tracking and vehicle details are some of the advanced features inculcated in the transport module further made up to date.
The bus routes and stops help the school to identify students coming from different places and also keeps track of the time taken by each bus to reach the destination. The student transport data gives the entire transport information of particular students like the location where the student boards the bus and the number of students availing transport facility location wise.
The transport attendance ensures the safety of students making sure the student was present on the bus and later submit the report to their parents. The transport expenses give information of routing details, the number of students availing the transport and transport fee collection. Few services like transport tracking app, SMS alerts, transport alerts and bus tracking using GPS are the added features in the transport module projecting the effective maintenance of the school transport management system.
Using the GPS tracking service, parents and management can assess the location and activity hours of the buses. Parents will no longer have to be worried about their child and eagerly wait for the school bus to arrive, as the tracking app helps the parents to monitor their children. The installation of security cameras in the bus provides a sense of security to the students, parents and management further doubling the student safety. Vehicle details with registration, license, drivers and other necessary information are also maintained and made available to the parents.
Apart from ensuring safety and security of students, it is equally important for the management to track the transport expenses. The transport app tool not only enables to track and maintain the fuel expenses but also manages the vehicle information, repairs and servicing of vehicles, insurance policy expiry alerts and driver license renewals with a single thread. MyClassboard’s Transport tool helps the school to manage transport related issues under single roof hence avoiding ambiguity.
MyClassboard helps in effective management of school transportation by providing transportation facilities to students and managing the school time, keeping a record of students using conveyance and routes and managing the fleet of buses. Putting an end to all uncertainty, insecurity and mistrust, MyClassboard helps schools to provide an assurance to the parents concerning the safety of students.
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