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School ERP software

Boost School’s Productivity with MyClassboard School ERP App

Boost School’s Productivity with MyClassboard School ERP App

Technological advancement in the 21st century has brought significant changes to our societies. A significant change is the way students learn. Traditional learning methods have been replaced with new digital learning resources, interactive materials, & online media content to provide students with an engaging, practical, intellectual experience.
The sector is defined as Edutech, which has seen tremendous growth in a few years with the latest innovations and demand both fuelling its growth.

In India, the EdTech market is expected to reach US$ 4 billion by 2025, from US$ 750 million in 2020.

School ERP software is one of the core segments of Edutech, which is leading the market at present.

What is School ERP Software?

A school ERP software is a cloud-based online operating system for schools, educational institutions, universities, & colleges to organize & automate their day-to-day academic and administrative activities. With the latest technology advances, school ERP software allows schools to conduct online classes, maintain student attendance, conduct online examinations, automate administrative tasks of student admissions, grading, etc.
A school ERP software revolutionizes the entire education transmission process with its seamless, intuitive, interactive, & user-friendly interface and functions. With school ERP software, teachers can optimize their time for manual activities and improve their focus and duration of teaching. Likewise, students can complete their schooling from anywhere & at any time.

School ERP App boosts school's productivity.

Since school ERP software works online, a mobile device compatible School ERP app can boost students’ learning with on-the-go studies from anywhere. Some of the benefits of the School ERP app are as follows;
Traditional schooling limits quality learning within a classroom, which is removed with a school ERP app, as a student can access classroom activities from anywhere and anytime.
With the School ERP app, students can access learning resources, schedules, homework, assignments, & video lessons from anywhere and at any time. The latest technology allows the school ERP app to be compatible with various devices, and compatibility with a mobile device brings convenience to learning. Students can complete their entire coursework with a mobile compatible school ERP app, boosting their productivity and supporting their education.
In traditional learning, students lose the support of their teachers outside of school hours. But, with a school EPR app, there are no such limitations, and teachers are available to support their learning remotely.
Student doubts can be resolved instantly. Students are not hesitant to ask questions as there is no peer pressure around them. Teachers can give their dedicated attention to individual students and resolve their learning challenges.
A teacher-student relationship is built with trust and confidence that can support students in their academic journey, enabling them to develop higher intellectual knowledge.
Since a school ERP app is an online software, it hosts the complete school’s learning resources & library in the cloud. Therefore, students can access resources outside of their school hours at any required time. Today, straightforward textbook content is not enough to reinforce the lessons learned. With the school ERP app, schools can enable students to access multimedia content that strengthens their learning. In addition, compatibility of the school ERP app to mobile devices is vital in boosting students and school productivity.
Constant and frequent intervals of feedback immensely help improvise a student’s knowledge and understanding.
Typically, students wait for their end-term report cards to receive feedback from their teachers, which wouldn’t be ideal for bringing about a change in due time. However, with the help of automation and AI, analytical reports are auto-generated to be shared with students in time. As a result, students can receive content feedback through the school ERP app and ponder on it even after school hours to plan their self-learning strategy.
Traditional teaching prohibits the customization of learning resources, and a standard curriculum is employed for all students. However, not all students can understand the same content and hence a standard academic curriculum is never sufficient to bring about enough understanding among students. A school ERP app enables teachers and academicians to plan and customize learning resources from their smart devices. They can add, delete, and attach resources as per individual students’ understanding and requirements.
Resources can be multimedia content, podcasts, documents, and various forms that can bring a consolidated understanding to students.
Collaboration at the level of education is immensely beneficial to improvise & elevate knowledge. A school ERP app allows students to connect not just with their teachers but with their student community to share and collaborate during their education.
There can be various ways to connect, such as; chat, email, and groups, which can be open for everyone to discuss broader knowledge topics. In addition, at the time of being away from school, students can reach out to their preferred groups and forums to raise and discuss their doubts, enabling them to understand a subject from multiple perspectives.
A school ERP app creates an engaging atmosphere for learning, which actively involves students. Encourages them to plan and set targets for their progress. In this direction, a school ERP app has multiple engaging activities like projects, student groups, quizzes, and short tests, which keep students on their toes to interact and learn constantly.
Their active engagement in various activities enables them to be accountable for their learning and become independent learners.

How MyClassboard School ERP App is best in its league

MyClassboard is a leading school ERP software which allows schools to automate their everyday academic and administrative activities. MyClassboard also provides a school ERP app for teachers, students, and parents.

MyClassboard school ERP app allows teachers to monitor attendance and teaching plans and plan and schedule assignments. In addition, students can view their timetables, class works, projects, access learning resources, & notifications for their academic activities.
The MCB school ERP app allows parents to receive their student’s report cards, student attendance, fee alerts, and transport status.
MyClassboard school ERP app allows a school to create a close-knit community, frequently communicating through SMS, email, WhatsApp, and notification alerts to keep everyone on the same page for the progressive learning experience.
Various manual activities can be automated and completed remotely through a school ERP app, such as; fee payments, transport updates, online classes, assignment submission, examinations, PTMs, etc. Loved by thousands for its user-friendly interface, tech support, simple & faster navigation, customizable solutions, & constant software updates are a few reasons that set the MyClassboard school ERP app apart in its league.


A school ERP app is the best way for schools to step into the digital world and enable constant communication with the school community. Students benefit from a school ERP app immensely as it allows them to learn on and off devices at their convenience. In addition, various features of the school ERP app enable active student learning to boost schools’ productivity and performance.

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