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Best Features of a Mobile ERP System for Schools

Most ERP vendors these days are expanding their solutions to the mobile platforms, enabling users to access their ERP solution from their smartphones. The reason more and more organizations are taking to the mobile platform is because mobile ERP apps take the ERP functionality beyond the desks to mobile phones located anywhere with access to real-time information. The Mobile ERP system for schools streamlines communication between schools and parents for enhanced parent engagement and greater productivity.
An ideal mobile ERP tool should enable the school management to easily create, access and share student related information through hand-held mobile devices. The basic features of a mobile ERP system for schools include “Apps for all”, i.e, apps for teachers, parents, admin and principal. The mobile ERP system should contain the key information and provide easy access to the users. It should be compatible with any mobile or tablet and should support all supporting systems mainly Android and iOS. These are the best features you can look for in a mobile ERP system for schools.
Attendance: This feature helps both students and parents to track attendance of students – daily attendance or monthly attendance.
School Diary: The school diary module aids students to stay informed with the homework and assignments. Parents too can keep tabs on school diary and guide their children regarding homework assignment to be worked on by them as given by the teachers.
Bus Tracking: This technology to track buses on the mobile apps helps the school and parents to track whether the kid is on the right bus at the right time and whether he is getting off at the right stop. Parents can also assess the location of the bus and the activity hours.
Fee Payment: This feature will help both school and parents in making payment of fees easier and feasible. Parents can pay the fee online from their mobile phones using this feature and schools can keep the parents notified of fee payment schedule, fee slips, the fee due etc.
Messages: This is an effective and easy messenger tool inbuilt in the mobile ERP system that acts as a connecting bridge and also as a reminder system between parents and teachers.  Teachers can update and intimate parents with the upcoming events, circulars or notices beforehand and also communicate with parents by sending individual notices or SMS.
Report Card: This features displays various results related to examination and assessments. The scholastic and co-scholastic grades of the students are shown here making it easy for students as well as parents to access the information.
Photo Gallery: The gallery feature can also be added to save and store photos related to a particular activity held in the school. Photos pertaining to special days and events like Annual day function, Sports day function or any other special occasion, can be stored in this module.
Event Calendar: Students can access the school calendar to get updates about the various events taking place in the school. Other updates like examination, festivals, holidays and various other cultural and religious events can be viewed here.
Timetable: This section shows the timetable or schedule of the student for that particular day or week. Schedule for every single class is shown in this segment.
Teacher and Parent/Student Login: The mobile ERP system for schools should provide secure and personalized login for every teacher and parent or student to access the real-time information. It should enable the teachers to let them perform their tasks like marking attendance, report cards, etc., proficiently.
Having inculcated all such features in its mobile ERP system for schools, MyClassboard provides a platform for teachers and parents to communicate with each other on a regular basis.

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