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Advantages of Leave Management System in School ERP

Leave management is a most important process of the HR department for any organization as it is directly interlinked with salaries. It is a small yet critical part of the HR’s job as he has to balance the process of leaves and salary generation. Leave Management system in a school encompasses the process wherein teachers or faculty request a leave and the administration (principal) grants or denies leave based on organization policies. The manual process of leave management has its own loopholes, it is costly and often results in errors.
The traditional leave management system involves monitoring attendance of the staff, check and mark the absence of teachers. In the case of absence, the management has to ensure all the leave reports are submitted, completed and signed. Using the leave management system module commissioned by MyClassboard you can automate the staff leave requests, eliminating paperwork. The Leave Management system of MyClassboard being integrated with Biometrics helps in eliminating manual processes for tracking employee leave and absences.
Here are the benefits of Leave Management System in School ERP
Apply Leaves Online: MyClassboard provides a special platform using which you can define the maximum number of permissible leaves in a month. Staff can submit their leave requests online and view their leave requests online. They can view the number of leaves and types of leaves available and accordingly apply for a leave. They can also view the history of leaves previously availed by them.
Leave Privileges: Generally few schools follow a specific leave management pattern for different categories, designations, and grades and not all the employees in the school are awarded the same number of leaves. The leave management system empowered by MyClassboard manages the leaves privileges of all the employees in the school department-wise.
Track Leaves: Being integrated with biometrics, attendance management and leave tracking becomes very simple. You can easily track and maintain a record of the number of leaves availed and the type of leave availed by the staff.
Generate Salaries: Integrating biometrics with HR & Payroll, salary generation can be automatically made. In the case of absence or leaves, the leave management system automatically evaluates each request and calculates the salary with deductions if any.
Approve Leaves: The higher management or principal can view the online leave requests submitted by the staff and approve or deny them based on the requirement. Teachers can also check the status of leave approvals online.
Not many schools provide assistance to staff concerning their leaves and salaries. The leave management system included in the MyClassboard software provides accessibility to the school faculty to check their leaves, allowances, and deductions.

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