Achieving Greater Efficiency with MyClassboard Teacher App
With the growing smartphone usage in India, it is clearly evident that people are spending more time on their mobile apps than ever before. The impact of the mobile app revolution has been unprecedented. Earlier, mobile apps were meant just for entertainment. But now, smartphone users are able to perform various tasks like shopping, banking, booking, navigation etc. With more interesting and sophisticated mobile apps coming into use, MyClassboard had taken its solution to the mobile platform by developing an extensive teacher app to enhance communication between teachers and parents.
MyClassboard Teacher App is an exclusive mobile app designed for teachers which is compatible with iOS and android systems. This teacher app makes everyday classroom tasks simple for teachers like attendance, marks, assignments etc. With easy access to key information and student information, the MyClassboard teacher app helps in achieving greater efficiency.
Using this mobile app, teachers can upload class diary, assignments, mark daily attendance of every individual student, mark events in the event calendar, upload photos related to various events, update and intimate parents with the upcoming events, circulars or notices beforehand. Teachers can also communicate with parents by sending individual notices or SMS using the mobile app.
Teachers now don’t have to take time out of their busy schedule to perform the tasks, MyClassboard teacher app helps teachers to carry out the everyday classroom activities from anywhere. Teachers can even apply for leaves using the teacher app. They can check for the number of leaves available and apply for a leave from their smartphones.
The MyClassboard teacher app allows teachers to check their timetable wherever they are for that particular day or week. It also allows teachers to upload assignments or homework using daily diary. Teachers can instantly communicate with parents through push notifications, send an SMS to parents or communicate through chat and reply to parents chat.
MyClassboard teacher app enhances communication between school (teachers/staff) and parent in a modern and user-friendly way. It also helps in improving the school productivity by reducing paperwork, paper costs and printing costs and unnecessary phone calls.
With smart technology now available in everyone’s pocket and augmenting in the usage of android mobile phones, MyClassboard proposes a custom android school mobile app and custom ios app for teachers that can be downloaded for free from Google Play app stores and i-Tunes.
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