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MCB Iftar & blood donation drive

A day of special remembrance at MyClassboard: Blood donation drive & Iftar party 2022

A day of special remembrance at MyClassboard: Blood donation drive & Iftar party 2022

The day of 21 April 2022 was of particular significance at MyClassboard. The day marked the 64th Jayanti of Late Sri Sakhamuri Suri Babu Garu. Notable activities were planned to remember his 64th Jayanti, inspired by his life’s philanthropic activities for our society.

MyClassboard had collaborated with the Red Cross Blood Bank to organize a blood donation drive in its headquarters, which saw a fantastic turnout of humanitarian champions who came forward without any hesitation to donate blood for a noble cause to save as many lives as possible. The event perfectly identifies the company’s values and contributions to society. Moreover, the authorities followed proper sanitization and precautions to organize the event safely.

MCB employees showed great enthusiasm for the cause by donating blood. In addition, it was a moment of great pride for MyClassboard to be hosting such a significant event.
Blood donation is not just a noble cause, but it is a healthy practice for individuals. Let’s look at some interesting facts associated with blood donation, which we hope might inspire those who missed donating blood at the recent event;

Additionally, on the special occasion of Ramzan, the MyClassboard management graciously organized an Iftar Party for its employees to celebrate our diversity and share festive vibes with each other. Delicious food made the get together a success as everyone was seen enjoying scrumptious traditional Hyderabadi cuisine.

Fun, laughter, lengthy chats, and posing for cameras made the event lively and friendly, putting everyone at ease to enjoy the festive vibes. Rain couldn’t hinder the event as everyone was engrossed in interacting with their friends and colleagues.

MyClassboard thanks our dynamic CEO, Mr Ajay Sakhamuri, for gracing the occasion and encouraging everyone in the blood donation’s noble cause. He also acknowledged everyone’s efforts in organizing all the day’s events, which lifted everyone’s heart involved in organizing the events. Notable personalities from MyClassboard who added special meaning to both the occasions of the day were Product head Ms Anuradha, CTO Mr Raveendra Choudary, & Sales head Mr Avinash.

The whole of MCB thanks them for contributing their valuable time to the success of the events.
Summing up the day’s events, it was a great success, made possible by the encouragement of our CEO, MyClassboard management, and the employees who dedicated their time & efforts to bring a special meaning to the special day of 22 April 2022.

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