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A Complete Guide to Choose the Best School Online Examination Software

A Complete Guide to Choose the Best School Online Examination Software

As discussed in our previous blog, exams are an essential part of schooling to increase knowledge retention & learning improvement; they are also a way to improve competitiveness among students and present a clear status of learning standards. Exams are thus an essential activity of a school, which can be scheduled as class assignments, quarterly, mid-term, or final academic examinations.
Scheduling so many exams manually throughout the academic year is not just tiring for the teachers and staff but also time-consuming. Manually arranging an exam involves:
School online examination activities can break the tiring cycle of manual examinations.

What is online examination software?

It is a computer application that universities, colleges, schools use, and other assessment bodies use to conduct examinations quickly and accurately. It’s also known as online test software, which makes paperless exams as simple as possible. In addition, the exam software is customizable, allowing the examiner to specify the time and format of the question paper and administer the exam without difficulty. Exams can also be taken at any time and from any location.
Online test-taking software aids in the organization of tests and the successful completion of exams. You may also verify the paper and calculate marks, percentiles, and grades of students using online test software for PC.
The online examination application also generates a ranking list for students and a detailed analysis of the class’s performance.
There are various advantages to adopting online examination system software, including the ability to keep question papers in a data bank. Use online examination solutions to create not just the format of your question paper but also to select questions from a database or question bank. From the generation of results to the construction of report cards and communication of results with students, the entire procedure for conducting tests is automated.

A guide to choosing an online examination software

10 must have features in an online examination platform;
A comprehensive question bank is a must-have feature in online examination application. It can store several question papers and allows users to create a new question paper from the data bank. Users can also format the question paper according to the type of exam they want to take using the online exam programme.
As discussed in our earlier blog, an online examination software needs to support multi-exam formats that give the freedom to customize exam standards as per the requirements of schools.
Schools around the world follow different standards of education grading and examination patterns. CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation), GPA (Grade Point Average), & ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) are some of the grading systems followed by schools that analyze students’ answers based on different learning criteria.
The freedom to choose multiple exam formats allows schools to improvise the student’s learning by requiring them to answer in various formats of exams.
Optical Mark Recognition or OMR sheets are used for evaluation as more and more examinations become objective-based. OMR reading is a feature of the best online exam software that makes evaluation easy.
Software with an OMR reading facility allows schools to prepare students in various competitive exam formats early to ensure their competitive success.
Educational institutions must look for online exam administration software that can be integrated into their school’s ERP system. The integration aids institutes in generating results and monitoring student progress. Online exams can also link question bank databases to online courses, resulting in a more efficient process. In addition, educational institutions can now construct a profile of their students that is consistent with the entire academic history of a student.
A responsive application that can be accessed online from a smartphone facilitates managing workload and time for the teachers. It saves a lot of time, which is otherwise spent manually checking the answers. In addition, it speeds up the processing of results and simplifies the storage and maintenance of records.
Integration of online examination software with Learning Management Software allows schools to make reports, track exams, document answer sheets, exam papers, & results in their central platform using innovative algorithms.
One of the features to must-have in an online exam platform is an auto-grading feature for each type of exam format. The system will check the answer on its own for subjective marking. As a result, the examiner’s time is saved. The top online exam system in India automates the grading process.
An online examination with an auto surveillance feature can be used to manage online exams, with web cameras connected to the system taking photos of the student’s activities during the test. In addition, the online exam is inexpensive and reduces the energy, time, and resources required to perform an examination.
The flexibility to customize the online examination platform allows for greater paper creation, evaluation, and grading freedom. For example, to prevent students from cheating, institutes might use the online examination application to create multiple question papers for the same subject. This feature reduces the amount of work needed to create various sets of question papers.
Schools looking to integrate an excellent online examination software for their school should look for a feature that allows them to set the exams as time-free or time-bound. This feature can be used for different types of exams, class assessments, projects, & group works to bring in various styles of learning abilities in students.
Time limits can be imposed at the exam, page, or both levels. Examiners can also set the exam date and time and assign various invigilators to different days.

MyClassboard school online examination

MyClassboard is one of India’s leading school ERP software and comes loaded with features that are the top requirements of schools looking to boost their performance.

MyClassboard school online examination software is one of the benchmarks for successful examination activities of a school. It has unique features enabling schools to conduct exams with exhaustive content, question bank resources, auto-scheduling, and app-based grading across numerous examination boards. In addition, with prompt email and app notification features, MyClassboard allows schools to inform parents and students faster about the exam results.


So here is a comprehensive list of features that a school must look for when deciding to integrate an online examination platform. These features allow schools to conduct exams flexibly and bring convenience to not just the teachers but students too, who can take exams at their convenience, even remotely located.
In a school, online examination is an excellent way to prepare students for competitive exams, as most common entrance exams are converted online.
The test interface of the software allows students to practice time management, organize their thoughts in stressful and limited periods and create a plan of action to complete multiple sections of online exams without losing out on questions and insufficient time.
Take a demo to understand how MyClassboard Online Examination Software can create a productive examination activity for your school.

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