Tips for Striking a Perfect Balance between Technology and Teachers

Technology involvement in the educational realm has had a huge impact in terms of learning and teaching. Implementation of technology in education has seen a dramatic change in classroom teaching. No matter how advanced the technology might be, there is still a need for the teacher to complete the component of learning. With the inclusion of technology in classrooms playing a vital role in developing learning skills of students, teachers are equally important to enhance a sophisticated environment for students to learn. So there is much need to maintain and develop a perfect balance between technology and teachers.

It is more important for teachers to swim along with the advancements in technology. With the changing trends in technology, teachers and instructors should get accustomed with the advancements in order to equip students. As technology is now available in every student’s pocket, teachers should be well-trained with the technical knowledge to assist students in effective learning.

Technology for teachers is to improve their teaching skills but it cannot replace teaching. Hence technology for teachers is as important as it is to students. With the use of advanced technology, teachers or instructors can make classroom teaching more interesting by involving students in collaborative learning. The use of video conferencing helps the teachers to develop their own skills while making students comfortable with the technology. Presentation software often used by teachers complements teaching. The use of power-point stimulates discussion among students and allows them to express their views.

In the current scenario, technology and teachers can be seen as an inseparable combination as teaching and technology go hand in hand. With gadgets replacing textbooks and information from databases evolving into paperless formats, it is essential for teachers to teach students how to make use of the technology effectively and efficiently. Not every technology available can be trusted as they might be a source of distraction. Hence teachers need to guide students in terms of technological literacy by facilitating them to analyze, assess and question the technology available. Technology for schools helps in a perfect blend between teaching and technology. Various tools of technology for schools like multimedia learning, mobile learning, flipped classrooms make teaching fruitful and imperative.

To develop an ideal balance between technology and teachers, it is much recommended to make teaching through technology a part of the curriculum. Instructors should focus on technology to reach educational goals. Technology can be used in the classroom to engage students and facilitate exciting and interesting lessons. It is always suggestible for teachers to look at the positive side of technology and embrace it to avail the benefits of technology.

However, it is important to realize that technology makes teaching easier and it is not the ultimate thing to replace teaching. As technology is just a tool, it should be considered that effective use of a tool can yield in many potential results. Technology for schools, technology for teachers is only a way to impart learning skills, knowledge in students making use of teachers. It is very important to understand that technology integration is just another phase in education and the administration should focus on maintaining a healthy balance between teachers and technology for integrating technology in classrooms.

While the technology for teachers and technology for schools does the physical work, MyClassboard does the clerical work of the school by managing the administration. MyClassboard enables teachers to go hand-in-hand with the technology by making use of its various modules online/offline.

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