Advantages of Timetable Management System in School ERP
Technology has caused an explosion in human lifestyle and became an essential part of our lives today. Technology has made lifestyle easier by providing better support to different systems, better accuracy, better security options and easier maintenance. Today, technology has made it possible for computers to perform any complex operations, store enormous data because of its features like greater accuracy, less time consumption, and cost effective maintenance. Extending its services to the Educational field, technology offers an evolutionary approach to the traditional systems yielding in more fruitful results than ever. Timetable management system in any Academic Institute is a tedious job as it requires more manual power, paperwork, and a time-consuming process too. Creating timetable manually and maintaining the database of items is erroneous and inaccurate. In order to deal with the inadequacy, there was a transformation required in the system for better functioning of management. Modernizing the traditional system, MyClassboard propounds school Timetable management system which is an automated system to generate and maintain time table according to the data given by the user. It helps in creating the timetable for each class easily and effortlessly. School Timetable software is a user-friendly application which is easy to access and can be adapted to any educational system. The advantages of MyClassboard school timetable software are:
  • Maintains database of subjects, class, teachers and other details.
  • Can be accessed from anywhere across the organization.
  • Paperless administration with the better productivity of the organization.
  • Effortless scheduling of timetable.
  • Timetable can be edited and changed when needed.
  • Alternate allocation for absent teachers.
  • Unique timetable format for each class and subject.
  • Generates multiple timetables at a time for different departments.
  • Details about the branch, subjects, no. of teachers, total no. of periods are maintained.
Manual timetable management system involves laborious paperwork and there are greater chances of scheduling errors with manual data entry. This further affects the productivity of the education institution. For any school to save its precious time and resources, it should cling to the smart technology of adopting timetable management software in schools. MyClassboard with its unique services rendered helps in minimizing human errors and efficiently schedules subjects and classes as per the need. It supplements the performance of timetable management with much ease and flexibility by an automatic allocation of subjects and classes. Thereby contributing to less workload on teachers and increasing the efficiency of the institution. Academic Institutes now can resolute towards quality and quantity of education as their precious time and resources can be saved using MyClassboard.

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