Processes that track pupils’ progress are crucial to assist teachers to use student performance reports and assess the gravity of their teaching or guidance and how to execute effective decisions.

Due to the constant assessment of students, one can instantly identify if the student is lagging in academics. This helps the teachers to focus more on improving individual performance and boost overall school pass rate.

Below are some steps you should consider to improve your school’s pass % rate.

Assess Individual Student’s Academic Progress

To witness student progress, schools should have a reliable monitoring system, wherein the school provides learning objectives from time to time (for example weekly, monthly, quarterly) that most of the class will be set to achieve. Timely classroom learning assessment can be done by teachers. Teachers should ensure that every child has customised targets for half the term, which should be cognitive and measurable. For example a student’s language, comprehension, numeracy skills etc. Once the target is achieved, new ones can be set.

Regular Tracking of Attendance Reports

Managing and tracking individual student attendance plays a significant role in students’ academic results. Maintaining a regular attendance record in schools is necessary to monitor students’ overall growth. In today’s fast-paced learning system, one cannot afford to miss educational classes. It is difficult to keep up with the rest in case of continuous absenteeism. Proven research studies have shown a direct correlation between student attendance and academic achievement.

Understanding the Concepts of Student Behaviour, Classroom Engagement and Fun Learning

As a teacher, it is your responsibility to create an atmosphere wherein students do not hesitate or shy away to put forth their doubts during the class. Pose open-ended questions in front of them and be happy to answer theirs. This encourages them to feel involved and their interest in the topics will show. Conduct debates, quizzes or any other classroom activities on relevant topic/lesson. This promotes effective and fun student learning and student engagement to a greater extent.
Student and classroom behaviour is yet another tricky concern teachers face every day.
Disruptive behaviour results in poor attention leading to overall lost performance. It creates a classroom environment that is not favourable for learning. The key to address behavioural issues is by counselling and promoting constant positive behaviour beforehand. A student’s mental health is the most important in order to reach greater heights.

Give Homework and Assignments from Time to Time

This, of course, does not imply that teachers should bombard students with never-ending works. However, make sure to give them homework or assignment work which would show their subject understanding. Make sure to keep track and talk with students who fail at submitting the academic works, otherwise, they might lag way behind in the long run.
Education experts reveal that homework helps to build a sense of responsibility in students. It inculcates strong learning and study habits in them. Homework’s impact on a student’s academic performance varies with their age. Do some research and curate more effective homework and assignments for students instead of the same mundane work.

Thorough Revision

Ask students a question and encourage them to frame their own opinion/perspective/response, comment on a statement, conduct sessions asking them to give a brief on the topics covered. This will teach students to think, analyse, and put forth their perspectives in front of the world on various subjects, which will surely improve overall results.
Always make sure to revise a topic after completion for their better understanding and for the ones who missed it. You should consider making a practical revision timetable that would work. Identify the specific topics and subjects they might need extra help in and revise them until they are thorough. This way students can make most of their study time, plan and prepare better for their exams.

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