Benefits of RFID and Biometric System in Student Attendance

Benefits of RFID and Biometric System in Student Attendance

Noting student attendance is an integral activity every day. It informs the school and parents about their wards’ regularity and learning progress. One of the marks of student discipline is regular attendance, which ensures students are present for important learning in their class.
Traditionally, student attendance is noted by teachers manually by making roll calls of students and marking the presence or absent students. Indeed, it is time-consuming, resource intensive, and challenging to maintain the attendance record. However, the activity is essential and cannot be skipped. So, let’s check out the disadvantages of traditional attendance activity.

Using digital automation to mark attendance is a powerful solution against these disadvantages. It is a step towards a digital revolution in education. MyClassboard is a leading school ERP that offers advanced digital solutions for schools to automate their everyday activities. Biometric and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) attendance systems by MyClassboard are a few of the enhancements that are capable of boosting a school’s productivity.

Understanding what are Biometric and RFID attendance systems.

The online attendance management system allows schools to leave behind the old pen-and-paper method for attendance records. Using innovative systems like Biometric and RFID systems by MyClassboard schools can drastically improve teachers’ productivity, the accuracy of attendance, and security.
RFID is a small device that uses an electromagnetic field to detect radio responder tags. The RFID tags can be attached to students’ ID cards, uniforms, or school batches. As students pass through specific locations installed with RFID devices, their attendance can be recorded and updated by teachers and parents.
RFID systems allow schools to ensure the presence and accurate details of students’ movement through their premises.
Additionally, the Biometric attendance system records the biological details of students, such as fingerprints, and facial recognition, to mark the presence of students. It’s a highly accurate and secure system of attendance recording. Teachers and parents can be immediately notified of students’ presence at the school.

Benefits of Biometric and RFID systems at school

Automating biometric and RFID systems frees up schools’ manual attendance record-keeping process. As a result, all the school stakeholders can be updated on student presence faster.


Keeping a record of attendance is essential. However, manual attendance processes need to be updated and more efficient to keep up with the speed of the digital revolution in schools. Biometric and RFID attendance systems enable schools to seamlessly automate attendance recording and updating to parents.
MyClassboard offers a robust and accurate biometric and RFID system for schools to automate their attendance recording and save time. It gives the schools freedom from redundant activities and achieves productivity.
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