SaaS Enablement for School Management Software
What is a SaaS?
Software as a service or SaaS is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is a way of delivering applications as a service over the Internet and one of three main categories of cloud computing.
Generally, with traditional software applications, you have to purchase the software package and install it onto your computer whose license might be limited to a number of users and devices. Unlike the traditional software, SaaS enables the users to simply access the applications via the internet rather than installing and maintaining the software.
SaaS Enablement for School Management Software
With the complexities involved in managing and administering all the school processes simultaneously, schools started investing on software packages that carry out all the operations with efficacy. A school management software is a school software that facilitates the operations of the school management.
Enabling SaaS for School Management Software frees the school management from installing and running applications on their own computers, and software and hardware management. SaaS-enabled school management software automates functions such as administration, attendance, reports, fee collection and more.
Benefits of SaaS-enabled School Management Software
The school management software is a package of various benefits. Here is a handful of them.
* User-Friendly: A SaaS-enabled school management software is a user-friendly interface and the applications are updated time to time.
* Cost-Effective: It is a cost-effective solution with cheaper software licenses which are completely subscription based.
* Web-Based: The Saas school management software can be accessed via a web browser with any devices that is connected to the internet. You don’t have to install anything onto your computer.
* Reduces Paper Work: All the records or data pertaining to students and staff are made available within the school software anytime.
* Reduces Time: Using this software all the reports can be traced in just a click. It reduces workload and saves time.
* Reduces Management Staff: This software manages everything including maintenance, data, security, updates, etc., and no need to hire special staff for the above functions.
* No Infrastructure: No infrastructure is needed as installing and maintaining software is not required here. It can be simply accessed via the internet.
* Work From Anywhere: SaaS school management software can be accessed from anywhere in the world, provided there is an internet connection. Users can access their data and work more efficiently from anywhere.
Having analyzed the benefits of SaaS, MyClassboard offers SaaS school management software with wide range of features that can help you to manage your school easily and further improve your focus on core competency. With its various modules imbibed in the software, MyClassboard allows monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual subscription for all its users.
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