Top features of Learning Management System for enhanced learning

Top features of Learning Management System for enhanced learning

A Learning Management System is an online learning platform. It provides educational resources to supplement the school’s academic needs in various forms, such as video lessons, content bank, a question bank, etc.

The software has been a boon for streaming online classes and was used widely during the pandemic. Not just online classes, but a learning management system has made it possible to provide knowledge to every student anywhere and anytime seamlessly. Teachers can conduct their regular courses, upload homework, or conduct online exams.

It is a practical tool for schools to invest in providing quality education to their students. Some of the top features to look for in a learning management system for enhanced learning are list here;

Learning Management Software

Top features of a learning management system

A school ERP system is a school automation software to automate and simplify day-to-day activities. It holds every record of student admission details, the current academic curriculum, fees, and staff record.

Choosing a learning management system that syncs accurately with the existing school ERP system is beneficial for the smooth flow. Schools should mind that a proper mapping of data should be possible between the software to reap the full benefit.

To avoid any hassle of data centralization, school management software comes pre-integrated with a learning management system to benefit schools. Myclassboard is a leading software with services across 3000+ schools. It’s been providing its innovative solution to schools through its advanced school ERP system and a host of benefits in its learning management system.

Teachers can create interactive lessons for students to carefully understand any topic that works within a group or class. It would provide a research medium for teachers to enhance their method or standards of teaching using intellectual resources from the learning management system.

Many of the leading software are using the advanced technology of AI and machine learning, making the evaluation possible with accurate analysis of student performance under various evaluation criteria.

When a school uses a learning management system integrated with a school ERP system, instant communication of student performance with their parents is possible through various fast-track communication channels. MyClassboard is a leading software to provide such benefits to school to extend quality learning to their students.

Schools should be careful to choose a platform that provides integration with leading video conferencing platforms to offer online classes through any media.

There are reliable video conferencing platforms that have provided the ease of online schooling in its features keeping in mind the need of schools. Schools should be conscious of choosing a platform that supports them to provide quality education to every young mind.

Online exams can be automated to create question papers, schedule exams, and analyse student performance in multiple reporting formats.

With these helpful tool’s schools can erase any learning gap. Encourage self-learning, accountability in students, inspire students to debate on wide-ranging topics to enhance their thinking.


Schools need to make wise decisions when investing in bringing technology to their classroom. An underestimation of the learning management system would not get the desired goal of improving the performance of any school.

MyClassboard has been an innovative software that has an end-to-end solution to every school needs. It gives access to powerful learning resources through its learning management system at a competitive price with a host of benefits at the disposal of schools.

A discussion with the team at MyClassboard would give schools a clear direction on selecting the right package for their school.

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