Create an engaging online class with powerful MyClassboard school management software

Create an engaging online class with powerful MyClassboard school management software

Online classes have replaced traditional classrooms as most schools use online school management software to provide uninterrupted education.

Online school management software has made it simpler for schools to continue their everyday activity.

Online learning is an innovative way that comes with lots of tools to supplement knowledge. However, it is not the same as traditional classroom teaching, and students take some time to adjust and give their good performance.

Thus, a lot depends on the school and teachers to transform their classes into engaging and captivating sessions for students to learn with full attention. Myclassboard is one such online school management software to let schools conduct high-quality online classes with tools and resources, adding additional advantages.

Here we discuss a few techniques which would create quality lessons for students in support of Online classes;

Schools must give enough time to students to understand the online interface. It is appropriate that schools train the students on classroom behaviour, discipline, time management, syllabus, performance expectations. Students can be made aware of various tools and how to use them and also any helpline to connect for resolving technical glitches.

Teachers should introduce them to self-learning tools, such as a Content Bank as in Myclassboard online school management software. It has vast resources for students and teachers. Also, students can make use of Doubt Clarifier to raise any doubt. Again, it is a great strategy to assign students, projects, monologue, podcasts, debates, speech, which involves self-preparation and intensive research.

There are various resources online that use the medium of video to convey a concept. Teachers can make use of such materials. A simple PowerPoint presentation with maximum creativity will also lead to full attention from students. There are online tools that bring visual enhancement, which would be handy to bring imagination.

Online classes bring a limitation on developing such skills with full potential. Students might feel isolated when learning online for long durations. Schools must note such issues and promote community learning where students are encouraged to interact with their fellow students.

Projects that involve students collaborating with others and debates that lead to healthy sharing of ideas and thoughts should be given a chance for students to feel an inclusive learning environment. Activity-based learning as students work in a group of two or three are excellent ways for schools to introduce community learning.

Myclassboard online school management software brings a dedicated Learning league module that helps students discuss wide-ranging topics with their classmates, teachers or other class students. They are exposed to different concepts which they might not be aware of and ignites their curiosity.

Rewards, class ranks, points to collect with sequential tasks, keep up the learning momentum. Students are motivated to keep pushing themselves, which can ultimately lead to better outcomes during their final exams.

Regular analysis of their performance will make them aware of their learning, and the scope of improvement will be evident. Myclassboard online school management software provides efficient tools for schools to frequently monitor student performance and highlight the areas that need to work.


Online classes come with their advantages and challenges. But, each challenge can be overcome; with the appropriate strategy and innovative tools to help. Changing times require us to adapt accordingly and mould our learning as per digital advent. In this, Myclassboard is continuously innovating to bring a world-class learning experience for schools.

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