What are the Benefits of Course Management System for Schools?

What are the Benefits of Course Management for Schools?

Course Management System is a software tool that provides an online platform for hosting courses as well as interacting with these courses. A Course Management solution is built for student learning to provide structure and makes content management easy for instructors. 


MyClassboard’s system helps drive better learning results through built-in features. We also help make the experience as easy as possible with an intuitive platform, enabling anyone to easily make the most out of the content.


Our robust infrastructure includes storage, access, and delivery of learning content. With our tool, institutions have the choice to use a platform that is affordable, easy to use, intuitive, enables the rapid production of course content, and does not require special computer knowledge to navigate.


Authoring Tool 

Easily navigate, create, personalise, & deploy high-quality course lessons promptly. Create robust learning content for your students with our agile, easy-to-use course management’s authoring tool. It enables you to easily create engaging and effective learning courses. Simply select and add courses and add modules under each course or upload from your already-created library making quick creation of a course possible within minutes and a few clicks.


Editable Course Library

Starting from scratch? Not anymore. You can add hundreds of free, regularly updated courses in our library from the world’s leading open source content providers. Import and deploy any course immediately, you can also edit the course particulars to create highly relevant content for your students.


Full Featured CMS

Our in-built administration suite gives you full control and flexibility over user management, course management – including modules and completion, pricing & branding, and analytics – including subscription reports, course fee collection reports, and push notifications. Get vital content to your students in real time!


Mobile App

Learn anytime, anywhere. No more boring hour-long training sessions in classrooms, and over group online classes. Our mobile-first platform means that your students can easily complete lessons on-the-go, whenever and wherever is convenient for them.

Features of our Course Management Solution:


  • We are providing a platform for faculty to create and manage courses right on the MCB portal.

  • Instructors can create a variety of scholastic & co-scholastic courses specific to academics and co-curricular activities.

  • Feel free to add as many modules as needed to make a course exhaustive. The modules can be arranged in a sequence, add specific module weightage, estimated course tenure, and so on.

  • Instructors can choose whether the course is going to be Self-Paced or Hybrid (live online classes). This helps in getting real-time updated understanding of complex coursework.

  • Monetise courses by adding course enrolment price. Monitor User behaviour through tags. Add media links, set course validity, assign collaborators and so much more. 

  • Promptly schedule online classes with automatic attendance capture that gets stored in the database and can easily be exported.

  • Students can post comments with their doubts, add text, images, videos, docs.

  • Sell the most popular courses under most popular to highlight their importance for the students. 

  • Manage course categories, students, staff, map fees to courses, create exclusive landing pages and manage all other aspects of Course Management.

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