Improving Academic Performance and Attendance with MyClassboard
The prominent thing that teachers mainly focus on is to educate students in a most comprehensible way possible and prepare them for the examinations that evaluate the progress of students. Academic performance is that component that exposes the caliber of students and also the potential of teachers who teach them. Improving academic performance of students primarily requires good faculty who provide quality education to students and impart knowledge in them.
If a school is registered with a school management software like MyClassboard, the process of improving academic performance becomes all the more simple to teachers. Teachers who were mainly hired with the ultimate purpose to teach and guide the students academically often end up performing non-teaching activities like taking attendance, preparing report cards, grade submission, etc. This has been the custom in many schools for the past few decades. The major setback the school started experiencing as a result of the above was, teachers spent most of their time in performing the chores that indirectly affected the performance of students.
Having recognized the difficulties a teacher has to face, MyClassboard came up with a unique solution that was like an Aladdin’s Genie to many schools. The school management software proposed by MyClassboard is that magic lamp that simplifies all the administrative operations of school that is complex. Gradebook Tool and attendance module are the two products from the MyClassboard lamp that save the precious time of teachers and further help in improving academic performance of students.
Gradebook tool empowered by MyClassboard generates report cards, calculates grades and also displays the grades online. School Management can also prepare an analysis report of individual student performance, subject-wise report, class-wise report, etc. Using the reports, teachers can identify if any student is lacking behind in any subject. Depending upon which, the teachers can focus on those students who need extra attention and grooming.
Keeping updated itself with technology, MyClassboard offers a biometric attendance system which automatically calculates the attendance of students and directly enters the attendance into the school system. School management can easily track the students absent for that particular day from the biometric data and send an SMS to the parents notifying the same.
MyClassboard has also enabled an added feature in its student attendance module that works for the benefit of students, parents and the management alike. In the case of consecutive absence of the student for 3 days or more, an alert will be sent simultaneously to the principal, parents and teachers. Following which the school(principal) works with parents to ensure the child attends regularly.
For a student to excel in his academics, his regular presence in the school and the teacher’s efforts to tutor him are the key factors. MyClassboard facilitates the school management to monitor the students’ attendance and performance and tracks the attendance of any class conveniently with relative ease. Teachers who earlier spent hours of time in processing the school operations can now utilize more time to do what they do best – Teach. Teachers can now focus more on academics and improve the performance levels of students.
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