How Myclassboard admissions management software is helping the school in hassle-free admissions

How Myclassboard admissions management software is helping school’s in hassle-free admissions

Many schools have adapted to remote learning as physical schooling has been impossible due to the recent health crisis. The use of technology in school management software by some schools has made it possible to continue with their academic curriculum saving precious learning time.

As the pandemic continues to create havoc, schools have entered a new academic year. Prospective students are waiting to start their education. But, due to the lack of technology usage by some school’s students are losing time in getting admission. Also, the schools face a risk of losing good students for their schools.

In this scenario, admission management software saves the day for schools as it handles the end-to-end admission process. Admission management software is a cloud-based software that automates every step of admission, making it easy and possible to control remotely with additional tools given an edge with the power of technology.

Myclassboard is a widely used school management software that has given its users a proven hassle-free experience with admission. Myclassboard admission management software provides multiple channels of enquiry for students to fill online, offline, or a web-based enquiry form. For schools, it is a way to reach a broader student base.

While students can fill enquiry forms quickly and enter an admission process, the admission management software categorizes each student’s admission depending on various criteria and minimum qualifications set by schools to screen new students. Automation improves the efficiency of schools to easily promote students qualifying admission criteria to promote them for the next stage of the process.

Myclassboard’s complete automation with admission management software keeps track of every student inquiry, minimizing the chances of human error and losing good candidates. Its prompt communication between parents and schools brings better understanding leading to higher chances of successful admission.

When it comes to admission, some schools charge a minimal registration fee covering the entire admission process. While it is difficult for parents to pay the registration fee in-campus when schools are operating virtually, fee payment is completed online from the safety of their homes. Myclassboard admission management software provides trusted channels of fee transactions for faster payments and quick admission steps.

Myclassboard has infused the best technology to extend a simple and convenient experience to schools and students to a more productive learning environment.

Once students have completed their admission registration, they are instructed to undergo a pre-admission examination. The pre-admission exam can be conducted online through the admission management software. Students can remotely complete their exams, and the evaluation can be done with the powerful technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning, speeding up result generation.

Successful results are instantly communicated to the parents through SMS, email, or WhatsApp notifications. Candidates who complete their pre-admission exam go through a seamless process of documentation and towards starting their class.
For schools, the entire process gets organized, saving time, resources and better outreach to the student community.

Since social media has a significant impact on our lives and work, Myclassboard admission management software is enhancing the admission processes of reputed schools all over India and abroad with the power of social media to hold admission campaigns. Schools can select their criteria and run multiple campaigns to reach out and announce their admission sessions. Leads from social media outreach are nurtured step by step to convert into admissions. The software has options to generate reports and analyse campaigns to improve upon future campaigns.

With years of experience and working closely with reputed schools, Myclassboard has been able to cater for every aspect of the admission process. It has developed ways and tools to make the admission process a success.

The admission management software is user-friendly, which doesn’t take much time for staff to get used to the interface. Additional tools like dynamic forms make it easy for schools to customize their admission forms, and auto-fill options make the daunting task of admission form filling faster and error-free.

A complete virtual admission process is revolutionizing the performance of schools. It supports the need for schools to keep up and running smoothly while in-campus schooling looks uncertain soon. Adapting to the next-gen virtual teaching is a responsible action by the school. It gives the right opportunity for students to start and continue their valuable education without wasting time and right from the safety of their homes.

When schools are uncertain while choosing the right admission management software for their school, talking to the Myclassboard team will set aside any confusion.

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