Need for Online School Management System
Online School Management System” – A Friend in Need for many schools these days. One might be surprised how could it be? Speaking in general, for any school or educational institution students are the top priority and the prime focus and every school strives to impart knowledge in the students to contribute their part in building a wise society. This is how a school can be depicted or portrayed as.
Apart from providing quality education, a school has several chores related to administration and management. The traditional school management system was completely dependent on pen and paper and it involved arduous manual work and wastage of paper. Needless to say, this enormous wastage represented an equally enormous cost for the school management and the entire process seemed tedious.
Ever since technology made its advent in the field of education, it is a different story altogether. Slowly the traditional school management systems are being replaced by the online school management systems with every school embracing school management software. A school management software simplifies the process of the educational institutes and monitors the day-to-day activities of the schools.
The need for an online school management system is that it enhances the efficiency of the school management and works for parents, teachers, staff and students as well.

School Management

The school management can manage and track the records of students database management, admission process system, accounts management, fee collection management etc., anytime from anywhere using the online school management system.


The online school management system makes the information handy for teachers and parents. Teachers can mark the daily attendance or enter the marks of the students online from their mobile phones making the process much feasible. All the information can be uploaded and updated in a single click.

Parents and Students

Not only students, but parents can also use online school management system and keep a track of the information, classroom activities and their child’s performance with just a few clicks. Parents can check the attendance, marks and daily diary and can also pay the fee online.
Understanding the challenge that traditional system involved lot of paperwork that was time-consuming and often resulted in going off focus from students, many schools are now adopting the online school management system that digitizes the information and streamlines the administration process of all departments effortlessly.
MyClassboard too, with a vision towards Digital India, provisions an online school management system that digitally empowers the school management.
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