10 Activities for this Summer Break
Summer time can be daunting especially with children in the house. The rising mercury will keep the children indoors and there are only so many games that children’s can play indoors if you do not allow them use of computers and mobile phones. Here is a list of 10 activities that you can look forward to doing this summer.
bake cake

Nurture your child’s curious mind by indulging in some weekend baking therapy. Whip up a nice cake or some cookie batter and get the oven going. People will know you have something special going on just from the smell from your kitchen!

Not the traditional forts built by rulers but a fort built for the little kings and queens in your house. Use cardboard or pillows & blankets and for added excitement put some festival lights inside and order a pizza. It is like having a picnic in the comfort of your home.

While we are on the topic of picnics, why not just has one. Get your family up and running early in the morning, get a nice picnic basket ready, choose a nice spot, preferably near a stream of water, spread out and have a relaxing day. You can carry on a good book while your kids play around. Fun for everyone!

Take a break from your hectic lives and treat your kids and yourselves to a day filled with fun and games, also summer is the best time of the year to take part in some fun filled water sports activities!

Each child is different and as such have different likes and dislikes. Summer is the best time to check up on such hidden talents. Get your young ones enrolled in a music lesson with an instrument of their choice and see them shine

Spend a leisure weekend with a bonfire in the backyard. Huddle around with your children and share snacks while telling stories. You can also involve your children’s friends into the party.

Inculcate the feeling of self-sufficiency in your children by teaching them the importance of growing their own food. You may not be able to start a farm with all the fruits and vegetables you need, but you can certainly start a small garden in your backyard or balcony and grow useful herbs and other small flowering plants.

Another activity worthy of letting your kids pursue is swimming. It is a wonderful form of exercise and also immense fun which has attracted people of all ages since time immemorial.

Ok, so this is not strictly for the summer season, but I just could not miss out on mentioning the classic snuggling in with a good movie and some fresh popcorn (salt and butter, please!)

Take a day out trip to the nearest beach and introduce your kids the lost of art of sand castle making. Any old bucket will do the trick and the children will be thrilled to bits by the activity.

So what are you waiting for? Summer is just around the corner… well at least in India. So get cracking and start planning. Make this summer unforgettable for you and your entire family!
Leave a comment and let us know how you plan to spend your vacations if you have any other ideas..!
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