MyClassboard offers Cloud-Based Software for Schools
Managing and handling the day-to-day activities of the school are considered burdensome no matter the size or level of the institution. Every department of the institution needs equal consideration and is important to be handled to ensure the proper and smooth working of the administration. In other words, a school chores should be treated no less than an MNC and require efficient undertaking of each department.
Considering the specific needs and requirements of the schools of all sizes and types, a school management software is must for all educational institutions. With school management software becoming mandatory these days, MyClassboard offers a simple, easy-to-use and integrated cloud-based software for schools that streamlines all your school functions and operations.
Why cloud-based software? Here’s the answer why only cloud-based software. A cloud-based software means an online school management software and as the name suggests it does not require any software on your computer. Cloud-based software for schools offered by MyClassboard requires only internet browser on your computer which your computer already has. Another feature MyClassboard provides is no need to install any management software on your computer.
Platform Compatibility: The cloud-based software designed by MyClassboard is technically compatible i.e., you do not have to worry about the software requirements as MyClassboard is a browser-based solution and can run on any browser.
Cost-effective: The cloud-based software for schools developed by MyClassboard is a cost saving software as automating all your school processes reduces your costs. Other cloud-based software are charging about Rs 150-200 per student per month whereas MyClassboard comes at a very low price enabling smaller schools as well to benefit from the technological tools.
Security: When technically speaking, your school does not require any server as MyClassboard has bought the servers. All you need to do is simply get connected to MyClassboard and access your school information system via our servers located in secure database encryption. Your school data is secured in our hands.
Customizable: MyClassboard cloud-based software for schools is easily customizable i.e., it is a tailored solution for all the school needs.
Technical Support: MyClassboard takes care of any technical issue if you have a problem you can just contact our support staff. Our friendly and dedicated support team will help you come out of the problem.
Accessibility: Streamline your school functions in a single go, anytime anywhere. While most of the school management software are difficult to learn and configure, the cloud-based software for school developed by MyClassboard is easily accessible by everyone 24×7 from anywhere through our own devices like Mobiles, Tablets, iPads.
MyClassboard is more than just a software that simplifies your school administration, it integrates all your departments into the single account to monitor closely each operation. MyClassboard provides various modules like admissions, academics, fee management, scheduling, attendance management, HR and PayRoll, library management, transport management and integrates all those departments into the single account to monitor closely each operation. We also provide complete integration with mobile bulk SMS, E-mail, Bio-Metric Attendance and even provides Mobile Apps. MyClassboard offers its services to all CBSE, SSC, ICSE, IB and IGCSE schools. Try it for free.
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