Provide parents with real-time information through Parent Portal

Very often we come across parents of students traveling with the children when they go on a vacation or take a long leave for a couple of weeks to a couple of months for some reasons. In such cases, providing parents and students with inputs on the lessons taught is a challenging task for the school(teacher). In order to accumulate all the information and make them accessible to the parents to keep them informed about the class related activities and the lessons taught in the class, MyClassboard offers a parent portal to all its client schools to keep them updated with the information. Providing parents with inputs on the lessons taught through parent portal, mobile app and emails ensure that the child is abreast with the lessons taught in class during his absence.

Being a parent can be a difficult job especially when parents are working. We know parents can have a lot of questions pertaining to the child that may include profile, marks, fees, attendance, result, etc. In a way, parents want to frequently communicate with teachers about their child and want to know everything that has happened or is happening in the school. Parents often encounter the situation where they talk to their children to know about the class and school activities for that particular day, but end up in vain receiving nothing from their child. For all those parents, who want to keep themselves informed about their child’s education, the parent portal is the best tool to keep parents involved and engaged.

MyClassboard parent portal provides real-time access for parents to their child’s grades, attendance, assignments, daily diary, school news, class moments, school events and more. The parent portal is a wonderful opportunity and an easy-to-use interface for parents to become more involved in their child’s education. They can also communicate with teachers and share their concerns and opinions anytime and anywhere through the convenience of the internet. The below is a glimpse of the salient features that can be accessed from MyClassboard parent portal and also from the MyClassboard mobile application.

This is the home page of the MyClassboard parent portal with all the necessary details shown in the dashboard.


Parents can view the daily classwork, homework, and assignments given by the teachers subject-wise. The below is a screenshot showing the same.

Event Calendar

Parents can view the events created in the calendar by the school management for field trips, holidays, school events, etc.


All the information related to the child’s transport like the bus details in which the child is traveling, the pickup time and drop time, the pickup place and the drop place can be found here.

My Messages

This acts like an online chatting platform wherein the parents can receive messages or alerts from the teachers or school management and reciprocally even parents can send messages and communicate with teachers.

Fee Payment Report

This is a complete fee payment report of the child showing the fee types, total fee, the amount paid, concession and balance.

There is a “Pay Now” option given in the dashboard facilitating the parents to pay the fee online by clicking on that button.

Student Health Report Details

A detailed health report of the students is also displayed in the parent portal.

Apart from the above-mentioned functionalities, the MyClassboard parent portal also includes the Attendance, Report Card, Announcements, Activities, Timetable, Holiday List and Daily Report. The Parent Portal will allow parents to better monitor their child’s progress in school by providing internet access to grades, attendance, discipline, academics, etc. Making it more feasible, MyClassboard even delivers a mobile web experience that will engage parents in constant communication with teachers through mobile applications for parents, students, teachers and other users for essentially increasing the teacher-parent engagement in this ever-connected mobile world. Parents can log in from the mobile app using the same login credentials for the parent portal.

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