MyClassboard – A Brief History
It all started sometime in 2005, I was visiting my cousins and witnessed firsthand the chores a teacher in a modern school has to fulfill and realized the difficulties average teachers face on a daily basis while performing duties like marking attendance, grading report cards, etc..
This led me to think if there was some way technology can help these teachers in distress. It took me some time but I started digging into any and all possibilities, the zeal to find a solution for teachers was very strong in me and still is but till date, I have not been able to answer the question – Why? At least not to my own satisfaction.
The visual moved me very much and when I thought about the millions of teachers across the country suffering from these mundane tasks, I knew I had to do something about it. But my research into this problem shed light on more problems a school as whole faces on a daily basis.
We have gained immeasurable advancements in the form of technology, the computational prowess of a computer in an average household is mind numbing but our education system has still maintained our schools in the same archaic manner as they were 10-15 years ago. And hence rather than waiting around and complaining that no one is changing, I decided it was time for a change and got busy designing something for schools. It started with the trivial tasks of marking attendance of students and then the seeds of the grand idea started germinating.
I wanted to give a complete software solution for schools that had each and every feature they could possibly imagine using, so along with a dedicated team of a few, we simply dove head first into the abyss (i.e.) school management software system.
Every day we used to consider new possibilities and new ideas and try and implement them the best way we could imagine. I still believe that the most important of these discussions was the one that led to the conversion of the entire software solution into a cloud-based product.
We put in many hours through which we sweat, bled and wept; and finally in 2008 MyClassboard was officially born. It has been nearly 8 years and MyClassboard today boasts of staggering 1000+ schools and other educational institutions not only across India but also in the Middle East who are currently using our software. These schools take benefit from the mammoth list of features and benefits MyClassboard can provide!
It’s been a very pleasurable journey so far and I am not done yet. There are more products in the pipeline waiting for the right time. Here’s hoping that I meet you all someday down the road and cherish the adulation received for the hard work put in by my team and me.
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