Smart School Software for an equally smart school
Everything is “Smart” these days; smartphones, smart televisions, smart watches, smart homes, smart cities and smart technologies that have necessarily made living simpler and more advanced. How often do we observe smart tags being attached to many products and services wondering what exactly smart is! Falling under the same roof are the smart schools that have a huge impact on education while leaving many in deep thought. With the advent of the internet in schools and widespread adoption of technology in the same, smart schools are the new face of education now. The great manifestation that technology has brought in the field of educational sector has propelled many schools to yearn for an intelligent system that transforms the school administration processes. The thirst for one has dug in a way for them to embrace a smart school software for an equally smart school.

Why Go Smart?
From over the past few decades to till date, there are many academic institutes that are accustomed to the conventional method of handling the school chores. On the same page, it also involves the contribution of every department of the school manually resulting in time consumption. A school ERP software is the smart school software for consideration that manages the entire school administration process with a single thread and also keeps the school updated time to time. The school ERP software integrates different school work operations like fee management, attendance tracking, finance management, transport management, infrastructure and others into a single system that can be maintained and consistently updated. With school ERP, all the information can be saved and modified or updated when needed enabling all the departments to access the data, store, manipulate and analyze the data.

How Does It Work?
The major functions of any school include the core activities like managing admissions, managing courses, student-based information, timetable management, online exam, conveyance management, attendance management, fee management, hostel management, inventory management and result management. The smart school software not only handles all the above information but also enables different people from different departments and places to view and access the information from anywhere. It integrates different sections of the organization into a single function which can be performed or handled by any person.

Implementation of School ERP
Among all the school software available in the market, a school ERP is efficient enough to handle management changes and preserve the accuracy, reliability of the secured data. Besides, it is operationally feasible as it can be operated by any technical or non-technical person. The main challenge with the smart school software is to check whether the software is technically feasible, i.e. whether the system is supplement to any changes or modifications or addition of any functionality. The other challenges or issues related to ERP software are the budget related issues. Before implementing the ERP software in schools, it is very important to assess and understand the budget of the school. The cost of ERP software and the aftermath process followed like planning, customization, configuration, testing and implementation is quite high which may differ from institution to institution. Hence it is very crucial for institutes to have a blueprint of the cost, the process of installing and implementation. Despite all this, it has to be understood that ERP implementation can reap benefits provided the implementation is done in stage-based.

ERP King of Smart School Software
Not all school management software match the requirements of school processes as each school has its own. Moreover, most of the school software are difficult to learn and configure whereas the smart school ERP is user-friendly, web-based and customizable. It is accessible by everyone 24×7 from anywhere through own devices like Mobiles, Tablets, iPads. For its premium features and modules like Admission Management, Timetable Management, Online Exam, Finance, Human Resource, Attendance, Library Management, Hostel Management, School Transport and others, undoubtedly ERP is the King of Smart School Software. ERP is the only school software that integrates the processes of student record, admission, timetable, attendance, library, fee, examination, communication and other various tasks that are carried out in the school into a single frame and ensures smooth operations.  

MyClassboard – The Smart School Software
Of all the smart school software, MyClassboard stands tall with its unique features and product differentiators that make MyClassboard India’s most widely used software. It is an integrated school ERP software which allows you to manage, maintain and retrieve information related to admissions, academics, finances, scheduling, attendance, HR and Payroll, library, transport and other utilities hassle-free and effortlessly. Rather than having different operations for different sections of administration for your school, MyClassboard provides the ultimate operating system to ease the burden and keep you accelerated towards your productivity. Because of its remarkably comprehensive features that are user-friendly and instrumental in effective school management, the MyClassboard smart school software has become a much-anticipated solution.
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