Pre-admission Management using MyClassboard
Technology in Education has undoubtedly, undeniably, irresistibly transforming the school administration process. Schools, on the other hand, are getting accustomed with the technical and technological advancements. Flushing the traditional methods of administration, schools have started embracing the technology and when seen as a whole, this transformation is something every school needs to go through in this technical era. Adding a flavor to the meal is the school management software with its ultimate benefits easing the pressure of admission and administration process in schools.
Walking along with continuous transformation, there were a birth of many school management software in the market that manage the administration process efficiently and claiming to be the best in regard to services offered. Ultimately, there will be only one software which sets a benchmark in the market for others and without any hesitation, we will say MyClassboard is the one. Pre-admission Management Software commissioned by MyClassboard brings the functioning and operating process of all departments of the school under a single roof for close monitoring.
There is few admission software available exclusively for the admission process of a school or college which manage the entire admission process of a school beginning with online applications, scheduling, enrollment etc. But for any school, the pre-admission process is the actual phase that directs the school management towards successful admissions and also an opportunity to increase the number of admissions into the schools. And not many admission software offer this pre-admission module functioning.
Before a student is registered at a particular school the foremost thing a parent looks forward to is to place an enquiry with that school as in to know whether the school meets their requirements and the child meets the school’s requirements too. MyClassboard provides a  pre-admission module that will make the admission process easy and feasible to the students and management as well with a multi-channel medium to certain aspects like enquiries, walk-ins, call-ins etc.
MyClassboard like any other school software provides an enquiry section in its Pre-admission Management Software wherein parents can place their enquiries. Now what makes MyClassboard unique from others is the added feature it provides apart from registration and admission. Depending on the enquiries received, the parents get a follow-up call from the admission team wherein all their queries will be answered by the admission team. This Follow-up tool is beneficial for the school administration as no prospective admission will be missed out.
Place your enquiries and get well acquainted with the school administration, fee structure, staff, infrastructure, transport, library and other facilities that a school provides. This pre-admission entity can be seen as a helpful tool for parents to choose what they actually need from the schools for their children to have and what kind of environment they want their children to grow in. It also assists the parents to choose the best for their children in terms of curriculum, transport, etc.
From the school’s perspective, the pre-admission module is that which projects the competence of the school management in a magnifying glass. This indeed can be seen as a publicity factor where schools do not have to promulgate about their presence. MyClassboard Pre-admission Management Software helps in doing all effortlessly and at an affordable price. If you are looking for a module that works best for your admission management and also that builds up your broadcast, get collaborated with MyClassboard- The All-in-one Solution for your school management system.
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