Manage student examination grades with School Grade Management Software
Grades are vital for any student, any teacher, and any school. While the year-end results display the academic performance of students, they also exhibit the efficiency of teachers in grooming the students and imparting knowledge in them. For schools, what could be more acceptable and desirable than results which demonstrate the competency of schools, their expertise in improving the academic standards and proficiency in educating students. This also indirectly attracts the parents to get their children admitted into those schools hence making the way easier for schools to increase their admissions. Managing examination grades, allocating grades, generating and printing report cards is a stress associated job especially at the end of an academic year as it requires the annual performance assessment of students. A school grade management software can help you relieve your stress and it can be done all the more effectively when it is MyClassboard school grading software.
Students are a step nearer from entering into their favorite zone; their summer vacation, which will be approaching soon in very few days. Students are ready to kick off the vacation and are eagerly waiting for their performance assessment reports hoping this would give them a better start to enjoy the vacation. Parents are as eager as their children are, to witness the academic performance and the child’s development throughout the year. Teachers, on the other hand, are stressing out preparing the examination report cards and grades for all students in every class. Teachers and students have worked hard throughout the academic year and they obviously deserve a break. While students have learned what they have been taught in the classroom for the entire year and gave an exam that would display their academic progress, teachers too have put in their time, strength and efforts to prepare students for the final examination that proves the capability of teachers. Despite all this, why only students have the fun of welcoming the summer vacation and why not teachers?
Here’s a good news for the teachers and schools as well. The school grade management software powered by MyClassboard helps you to manage the student examinations, grades, report cards, etc., for any school boards like CBSE, ICSE, SSC, IGCSE and IB. Generating report cards, printing report cards, calculating grades and entering grades is as easy as taking a sip of tea. There are more than 35+ formats of report cards offered by MyClassboard as per the CBSE standards. CBSE schools usually follow the CCE pattern and for all such schools affiliated to the board of CBSE, MyClassboard has inculcated CCE grading software to its system to simplify the process of grading. Using which you can generate report cards during an end of each term showing the percentages of Formative assessment, co-scholastic performance etc. The school grading software ensures all the schools of easy calculation of grades, even though the results are in the form of Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA), the auto grade conversion system helps in calculating the grades of students automatically and displaying them on report cards. There is no need for teachers to manually calculate grades, the grading system does automatic grade calculation based on your preferred grading scale.
The best feature of the school grade management software being submitting the grades offline. MyClassboard, unlike any other school management software, furnishes the application which enables the teachers to upload the marks or grades of students using offline methods. Going a step forward, the system will also allow you to perform all your important activities like the entry of marks, report card generation, performance analysis etc., at your feasibility. This application enables the teachers to upload the marks or grades of students online or offline. The other being easy generating and printing of report cards. The school grade management software has facilitated this time-saving option in its module of printing the report card of a single student in a single click. Automatic printing of all report cards in bulk can also be initiated in just a click. You can even generate a year-end report highlighting the annual performance, academic achievements and overall development of the child displaying it in a single report card. You can also detailed reports to draw the analysis of the overall performance of the class. Report cards indicating the performance of teachers can also be calculated and printed easily. MyClassboard school grade management software has everything a school or teacher needs in this peak season.
We would like to mention about a recent step taken by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE); to introduce a uniform system of assessment and examination for VI to IX standards for all its affiliated schools. The board has also mandated a uniform report card format for all the schools. Irrespective of the notice as issued by the board, we would like to announce that the above will not affect our software or our existing clients who are using our software and all those future clients who will use our software. The explanation to it is simple and straight; as stated earlier, MyClassboard school grading software has been offering customized report card formats for all schools as per the institution-specific fields. The uniform report card format as mandated by CBSE can be tailored to no time and the same will be offered to all CBSE affiliated schools.
Teachers can now relax rather than stressing out themselves to manage and generate the student examination grades and report cards, with MyClassboard school grade management software, grading is a simple task. Teachers can now spend their time in planning the vacation and prepare themselves to enjoy the vacation just like the students who are swinging to the tune of holidays.
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