Why Parents love MyClassboard Fee Collection software?
The arrival of an online school management system has transformed the school administration system both in terms of productivity and managing school operations easily. The implementation of school management software has increased the efficiency of administrative processes assigned in the office by automating all the school operations and processes like admissions, fee collections, HR & Payroll, academics, student performance assessment, transport, timetable, attendance and parent-teacher communication. The transition has even influenced parents alike by involving them in the educational process and making them important stakeholders. The fee collection software for schools has attracted parents with the comfort of paying fees at their convenience using multiple payment modes.
Schools being persuaded by an online school management system is what we hear and learn these days. In a recent development, parents are no exception to it, this is what we have realized rather learned from our client schools. One might ask us, how could this be possible? From the parent’s perspective, in this busy and technology advanced world, parents would want to keep themselves updated with every single detail concerning their child. Be it the classroom activities, child behaviour, regularity, performance analysis, school events, examinations, assignments, report cards and transport, parents would want to know every detail of their children while at school.
Now what made parents stand in awe of MyClassboard is a collection of feature enabled modules offered by MyClassboard online school management system. The prominent of it or the highly prioritized entity being the fee collection software. “Time changes everything, and everything changes with time,” as per the above-mentioned statement, things are not the same as they were before. What do you think of or what resonates your mind as a parent when we talk about school fee collection. The answer is obvious and inevitable; parents standing in long queues at the school fee counter taking the busy time out of their schedule to pay their ward’s fee. School management, on the other hand, stretching their working hours in a serious effort to roll out the fee collection process.
Parents were often the victims of the entire activity when they had to stand patiently in the queues desperately waiting for their turn to get the burden off their shoulders. This was the scenario almost every month in some schools and twice in every 6 months in few more schools. Having realized the importance of digital transactions in schools that will pull parents and teachers from the ambiguity and stress, MyClassboard has imbibed the fee collection software in its online school management system. No more standing in queues by parents and no more lengthy working hours by school staff as well. The fee collection tool of MyClassboard facilitates online payment for schools enabling parents to pay the school fee online.
Parents love to manage time-consuming tasks online and having got the pulse of parents, we at MyClassboard offer payment gateway integration for online fee payment where parents can select to pay the fee from anywhere at their convenience and comfort. Being integrated with all major banks across the nation, the payment gateway aggregator makes it feasible for parents to pay the fee by selecting the bank of their choice to proceed with the payment. Parents have expressed their acknowledgment with respect to online payment stating that it saves the precious time of parents and school management alike. The other benefit is it does not require any accountant and the school management will not have to spend time processing the payments.
The other satisfactory feature that pleased our parents of our client schools is the SMS enabled feature enabled in the fee collection software. Parents receive an SMS from the school after the successful payment of a fee. Parents also receive alerts about the fee scheduling date as set by the schools reminding the parents to pay the fee on or before the mentioned date. For those parents who are willing to pay the fee via cheque, MyClassboard has even facilitated the option for parents to pay the fee using a cheque or demand draft in its fee collection software. The online fee collection activated by MyClassboard is a major breakthrough that has captivated many parents to tilt towards MyClassboard.
The other features or modules that had a huge impact are mobile app for parents, daily diary, GPS bus tracking system, SMS alerts and notifications.
Parent App: Every parent is worried about their wards academics, classroom activities, behavioral aspects and would be eager to get notified of the same very frequently no matter how busy he/she is. MyClassboard parent app is one such communicational platform connecting schools and parents using a technological thread. These days parents often complain about their children not updating them with everything that takes place in the class and school. For all those parents who want to what’s happening in the class, parent app is the best solution for them to keep themselves updated about the child’s assignments, attendance, academic performance. MyClassboard software enables an up-to-date view of their children’s school life and keeps them in the loop.
Daily Diary: Gone are those days when parents eagerly waited for their children to come home to check the school homework and assignments. Unlike the old days where students were given school homework mentioned in a book often referred as the diary, the daily diary module updates the school homework for every class and grade. Parents can access this daily diary component to check for the homework and assignment to be worked on by the children.
GPS Bus Tracking System: For all those parents who are worried about their kid’s safety and security while traveling to the school and back, GPS bus tracking software ensures peace of mind to them. Using the GPS tracking service, parents and management can assess the location and activity hours of the buses. Parents will no longer have to be worried about their child and eagerly wait for the school bus to arrive, as the tracking app helps the parents to monitor the whereabouts of their children.
SMS Alerts and Notifications: The SMS system keeps the parents alerted about student’s attendance, fee payment, child’s academic progress, transport alerts etc. Notifications concerning to any events like holidays, important notices, special days, school functions and classroom activities can also be intimated to parents instantly.
MyClassboard has been winning the hearts of many parents with the aforementioned features that dominated them to be convinced of the fact that MyClassboard online school management system makes it easy for the parents of all students to keep them abreast of how their child is doing while at school.
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