Refer Leads and Receive Referring Fee For Each Customer
 “Don’t Find Customers For Your Products, Find Products For Your Customers”
Many schools these days are unhappy and displeased with the school management software that are available in the market and are looking for a complete school ERP that ensures smooth functioning of the administrative process of the institute. During their quest for one, the schools have even burnt their hands and are highly anticipating for a perfect school management software that will pull them out from the darkness.
For all such schools that are in search of a school ERP software and are looking forward to implementing various tools to their system, MyClassboard sends its messengers ahead to enlighten the school management who are often termed as “Referral Partners”. MyClassboard comes forth with a referral program that is open to all capable and competent salespersons and sales partners with complementary talents providing them with an opportunity to expand their business and benefit from our portfolio.
As we all know, marketing and sales fall under the same roof of the department with different approaches and strategies that can be worked on mutual benefit to building the organization to drive revenues and profits. However, a sales process that includes sales techniques and strategies is everything you need and what it takes to ‘close the deal’, which is crucial to any business.
The Sales partnership program offered by MyClassboard is looking forward for an effective sales partner to refer leads and receive a referral fee for each paying customer. Sales partner involved in the referral program of MyClassboard will be a referral partner who refers our product to schools that are in need of a perfect school management software.
The referral partner should be capable enough and proactive in developing a demand for the product, improve exposure of services offered by MyClassboard and generate leads which will be further executed with a specific strategy for successful deal closure.
An efficient referral partner willing to be in partnership with MyClassboard should have an ability to independently sell our products and represent our company in a professional manner. With target schools and colleges in the list, the referral partners should approach them in person publicizing our perfect school management software and the services offered thereby generating leads on their own for which they are paid a certain percentage of the deal value as an incentive for bringing in business.
The job does not end here for a referral partner, as once the lead is generated it becomes his sheer responsibility to provide the company with the prospects’ list. The MCB Marketing Team will now perform its part by regular follow-ups to those prospects highlighting the unique features and products offered by MyClassboard and convert the prospective leads into our clients. After the successful closure of every lead as referred by the referral partner, MyClassboard rewards him with a compensation of Rs. 5000/- per lead once the trial is converted to a subscription.
We are looking for referral partners with core competence and artistry in communicating with the target schools for generating leads. MyClassboard is open for all such capable partners. Get associated with MyClassboard and get paid.
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