Why should every school start their academic year with MyClassboard?
We have come to an end of the academic year and very soon we’ll be entering into a new academic year. Needless to say, schools are now quite busy rolling out the year with examinations, grading, report cards etc. It is during the end of an academic year when every student has a tough time facing the examinations, whereas, the beginning of the new academic year can be seen as a transition phase for schools. Enquiries, applications, registrations, admissions, etc., is what every school will focus on during the progression. While handling the entire process can be burdensome for the school management, a student administration software can be pulled in to curb the daunting situation faced by the schools.
Marking the successful beginning of a new academic year is what every school looks forward to and often searches for several practices to implement that will yield continuous results throughout the year. Despite various efforts by the schools to achieve one, they often falter ending up in a tough start or a bad start. For all such schools that are ready to enter the fray, MyClassboard stands tall as a knight in shining armor equipped to liberate schools from the nightmare. Student administration software as proposed by MyClassboard is a tailored solution for schools of all sizes; tinier or large.
Many of you reading this might be wondering why only MyClassboard! When many student administration software are available in the market, why should one start their academic year with MyClassboard? is what you might question us. The answer is straight and simple; MyClassboard helps the schools to plan and manage the academic details throughout the year. Starting with the pre-admissions, which is an important phase for any school to project its competence to the year-end phase of grading and report cards, MyClassboard offers a full student lifecycle management system.
Pre-Admissions Module
Beginning with the enquiries and online applications to scheduling and enrollment, the MyClassboard student administration software directs the school management towards successful admissions and also ushers in an opportunity to increase the number of admissions into the schools. Every school would like to maintain and keep a track of the number of enquiries and applications received, and the no. of enrollments made. The conventional method of record keeping is a Herculean task and demands the precious time and resources of school management. As a school, you no longer have to be fret about how to manage this.
This is what MyClassboard has got for you:
Online Enquiries/Applications: The Admissions tool of MyClassboard empowers parents to fill up the school enquiry form from the comfort of their homes and these forms are then collated centrally, from where the school staff can reach out to prospective parents and convert these enquiries into admissions. We also offer sale of online applications.
Dynamic Form Creator:MyClassboard acknowledges the need for institution-specific fields in any enquiry, registration and admission form. To serve this purpose, a Dynamic Form Creator is included with the Pre-admissions tool to enable the school staff to build the forms as per the needs of the institution with ease.
Communication Campaigns: Using our software, you can send campaign emails or SMS with complete customization. All the email/SMS templates are customized i.e, you can create an own template of yours rather than following a similar template for enquiry or application or registration.
Follow Up: The Follow Up tool helps the school staff to convert the prospective enquiries into admissions by regular follow-ups.
Admissions Reports: Every school wants to generate reports for all the various stages during an Admission process to make the entire process of admitting students very efficient and trouble-free. Our student administration software has an inbuilt system that assists the school management in maintaining reports of month-wise Pre-Admission details, Student Consolidated Report {Class-wise reports for every single day}, Email Report details, SMS Report details etc.
Enrollment Management Software: The student administration software empowered by MyClassboard is inbuilt with special features to handle mid-year joining and inter-branch transfers. Consider that phase where a student requires an admission into your school during an inappropriate period let say during the middle of an academic year. Imagine how hard it would be for both the student and the school as well to meet the specific needs as set by the school administration. The student should meet the needs of various departments from the school like a clerical staff, admission staff, teaching staff etc.
Consider another instance where a student of a particular school is looking for a transfer to another branch of that same school. Such cases often prove to be a hideous job for the school administration to cope up with the admission process. Under such exceptional cases, deciding the pay structure and allocating one for the student is what a school has a major issue with. But with MyClassboard, you can cater such functionalities as well with relative ease. The fee structure will be set by default during the Date of Admission and the system automatically calculates the pay structure for the student.
Academic Schedule Management: Consider you have to create an academic schedule for your school after the summer vacation. Imagine how tedious it would be for the school management to create a schedule for the entire academic year for all grades and classes. Managing new admissions, allocating enrollments to classes, deciding the strength for each class, assigning classrooms, etc., would often be a complex issue for the school administration to handle. To make the entire process feasible and stress-free, MyClassboard offers student administration software for schools or colleges that creates and manages school academics schedule, students’ schedule, teachers schedule and scheduling classes for each grade level.
MyClassboard student administration software is an all-in-one service to manage schools and colleges. It has everything your institution will ever need like Admissions module, Gradebook, Messaging System, Parent Teacher communicator, Attendance Tracker, Reporting Tool, Transport management application, Fee management application, HR & Payroll Management system and many other feature rich modules.
MyClassboard is a complete software solution that serves your school best not only during the beginning of the academic year but also throughout the entire year.
Wouldn’t it be a better way to start your academic year with MyClassboard.!
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