A Story of Digital Education in Indian Schools

FUN FACT: India’s Economy Surpasses That Of Great Britain

There is no denying the factuality of the statement that India is currently one of the fastest developing nations in the world. Post independence in 1947, though India had got freedom, it lacked directives and it took quite a while for India to find its footing but things started to look up in the early 90’s and since then each and every aspect of India has been on an exponential curve ever rising.
The credit for this phenomenal performance lies squarely on the shoulders of the few people that started a revolution for a better education for the youth of the nation. These youth then started asking the right questions and strived to find the definitive answers, this way we have grown leaps and bounds in a very short span of time.

The Greatest Invention:

The contribution of the western world (& some Indians) in this endeavor cannot be ignored. It was not an intentional effort but a byproduct of all the research and development they had been carrying on for some time now. Because of this hard work, the world now had access to the greatest invention since “the wheel” or possibly “fire” -> THE INTERNET.
Just imagine the world without internet and try to comprehend the difficulty every person would face in simple day to day activities. You might also argue that in the absence of internet we would not have missed it much and would have got along just fine, but then also do consider the advancements we have made in fields like medicine, agriculture, space exploration, travel, etc.. All this cannot simply be ignored.


But the best use of internet and technology, in general, has been in the field of education. Schools across the globe have started integrating technology in their day to day activities. In India, also it is quite impossible to find any remnants of the old schooling systems where teachers would hold classes in the village squares under the great banyan tree.
Technology has slowly but surely seeped through and found an immense foothold in all walks of the human life, then it should not be a surprise that it is the case as well for schools. Today schools and other educational institutions are completely surrounded by technology, it started probably with projectors to display content, thereby making way for grander things like GPS tracking of buses, online assessments, automated library, online fee payment options, smart report cards, etc..
I am pretty certain that the day we start using technologies like RFID and NFC for mundane tasks like marking attendance and sharing timetables or lesson plans is not too far off now and no matter where we go from here, one thing is certain, we will always find ourselves surrounded by technology!


The other thing that you can also be certain of is that MyClassboard will always be at the forefront of the technology being implemented in the field of Education Technology. MyClassboard was started with the sole purpose of providing a software solution for all the clerical tasks a school has to go through. The realization that technological integration is the way forward came to us right in the beginning and hence we have always associated MyClassboard with the latest technological advancements to help the various schools and colleges and we will continue doing this!

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