Start Up India, Stand Up India – An initiative by the Government of India
History is replete with examples that show that the youth of the nation have led revolutions that have pronounced changes in the way of life for the entire country and it was this belief and vision that our honorable PM, Mr. Modi shares just as well. Basis this vision, he started a very unique yet highly ambitious project titles Make In India and wanted to curb the infusion of products being imported to ensure rise in the Indian economy and the first major step in this direction was to encourage the young entrepreneurs of the country to take an active role in shaping the future of the country. The major drawback that young people who dream to take on demanding roles face is generally encouragement and this is exactly what our PM conceptualized with Start Up India Stand Up India Scheme.
The Start Up India – Stand Up India campaign was launched on January 16, 2016, with an aim to foster employment generation and revenue creation. Many entrepreneurs with a vision to showcase their talents through their innovative business models and practices have applied to take part in the inaugural ceremony for the event. More than 1,00,000 entrepreneurs had applied for entries for that event. However, considering varied factors only 1500 of them were shortlisted for the grand event by the competent government agencies overseeing the program. It was certainly a joyous and proud moment for MyClassboard family as our CEO Mr.  Ajay Sakhamuri was one among those well-deserved entrepreneurs who received an invitation from the prime minister.
Rendering valuable services in the field of Educational Sector by offering a product that would facilitate paperless administration in school, MyClassboard has gained the recognition and reverence by peers and competition alike and this is what the USP of our organization is. As the proverb says “Where there is no vision people cast off restraint”, Mr. Ajay as well had dreamt for a brighter future to all the educational institutes. His thirst to develop school management software that empowers the schools with a hassle-free administrative process has persuaded him to deliver the MyClassboard product.
MyClassboard was the only company that received an invitation from the prime minister of all the ERP service providers competing. The hard work and sincere efforts infused by Mr. Ajay were finally paid off with the recognition from the government which was expected but that has come as a surprise for Mr. Ajay and MyClassboard as the appreciation had come in a very short period which was not presumed. Mr. Ajay was humbled and honored to receive an award from the visionary Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji, a privilege indeed.
Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi Ji formally launched the initiative and unveiled the Start Up Action Plan in Vigyan Bhawan, at Delhi. Union Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs, Shri Arun Jaitley and Minister of State for Commerce and Industry, Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman were also present during the inaugural ceremony. The event was aimed at celebrating the entrepreneurship spirit of country’s youth and was attended by CEOs and founders of top Start-ups from across the country.
The event featured interactive talks with global leaders and venture capitalists such as Mr. Masayoshi Son (Founder and CEO, SoftBank), Mr. Travis Kalanick (Founder, Uber) and Mr. Adam Nuemann (Founder, WeWork). A delegation of over 40 top CEOs and founders of Start-ups, Venture Capitalists and Angels investors from Silicon Valley had attended as special guests for the event and took part in interactive Q&A sessions.
A virtual exhibition was also organized as part of the event to showcase some of the unique and innovative work done by Start-ups in the country. The event was telecasted live in IITs, IIMs, NITs, IIITs and Central Universities and to youth groups in over 350 districts of India.
Irrefutably, MyClassboard has succeeded in its mission by catering to more than 1200 schools across India and various Middle-East countries. Despite its fair share of ups and downs, MyClassboard conquered every single obstacle that hindered its path and is currently standing as the most widely trusted school management software available in India. While others in the market compete and try to outshine each other, MyClassboard has been known to set its own goals and aspiration and soar higher and higher with the opportunities coming its way.
With a strong vision and mission to fuel its services in the educational realm and equipped with a highly dedicated and motivated team that have been infused with the attitude to work harder, faster and better MyClassboard is ever improving and upgrading itself with the trend and technology facilitating the needs and necessities of the schools and colleges and all the while inching ahead in the fight to realize the dream of our CEO to make school education better, simpler and more intuitive for children, teachers and parents!
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