MyClassboard and Lifeboard Integration Benefits for Teachers
Excellence in Education is what any educational institute looks forward to helping students imbibe and nurture moral values fostering in building a better future and a healthier economy. With the growing importance of education, delivering quality education is the need of the hour which can be achieved through effective learning and teaching technologies that enhance the performance levels of pupils.
MyClassboard is a complete school ERP that walks an extra mile with the schools and streamlines the entire school process reducing the manual work. Lifeboard is a Bangalore-based company that uses educational technology to change the way an individual learns and empowers teachers to deliver quality education.
The integration of MyClassboard with Lifeboard makes K-12 learning easy through a platform called ConfluLearn, a simplified tool for teachers and students built on a unique technology that creates intelligent learning content from Open Educational Resources. The platform supports CBSE, ICSE, NCERT and several State Board Syllabi with local language content.
MyClassboard and Lifeboard Integration can be seen as a constructive approach that infuses and imparts technology-based learning in schools, teachers and students and improving the academic standards of the school and student individually. The integration is cloud based and works through cloud calling.
This is the technological and technical era, where information is available online and downloading the whole information and providing it to students and teachers is not advisable and cumbersome. This ConfluLearn platform changes the entire scenario by providing a link to all the content available in the Lifeboard portal to MyClassboard. All MyClassboard simply needs to do is cloud calling and once it is done the entire content will be platformed on the MyClassboard page with an API link.
Authentication is provided to MyClassboard users by giving the credentials using which they can call data from Lifeboard, open the link and the data fits into MyClassboard bucket as in Lifeboard. This is how the integration part works.
You might ask us how it is beneficial to teachers? Here is how. MyClassboard and Lifeboard Integration acts as a digital library to all our clients. It cannot be denied that teachers play a pivotal role in the educational learning process and excellent teachers contribute to the success of students’ development. Teachers of our clients can login to their portals and access the links of Lifeboard made available and work on those to get the content or improve their teaching.
Our clients can use ConfluLearn to prepare their teachers to improve their teaching skills and involve students in collaborative learning. Teachers can also assign work using this platform to students to enhance their learning skills, create interest towards learning and increase their performance levels.
MyClassboard and Lifeboard Integration has benefitted many of our clients’ teachers as they could deliver the content available beyond textbooks and have been successful in imparting knowledge to students. MyClassboard and Lifeboard, both catering the requirements of the schools, their integration is a breakthrough to all the schools collaborated with us.
Here is a call for all those schools tilted towards providing quality education and in pursuit of improving teaching and learning skills among teachers and students. Get collaborated with MyClassboard and together we can advance in furnishing excellence in education.
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