Earn Rs. 1000 Per Lead By Referring Schools To MyClassboard
Sales is marketing’s best resource to analyze and understand the market conditions for the product and hence a strong connection needs to be established between them prioritizing the quantitative stuff. For any company to drive more business and pitch its promotion, it is most important for that company to create and maintain sales partnerships that help it sell the product.
An efficient sales partner helps you sell your products scaling up the product branding and identity followed by improving the exposure of the services offered. In addition to all the careful and attentive work that has gone into the building of product and reputation, sales partner’s efforts paramount to the success vitality of the organization by branding the product visible in the light.

Sales partner involved in the referral program of MyClassboard is a referrer to our product. For schools that are in search of a school ERP software or schools that are currently using a school software but looking for a change and implementation of the various tools as per the need of the school/college are the target customers of the referrer.
With targets in the list, the referrers approach them in person publicizing our product and the services offered thereby generating leads on their own for which they are paid a certain percentage of the deal value which is an added incentive to them for bringing in more business. It is their core competence and artistry in communicating with the target schools, that generates them a lead. The job does not end here for a referrer, as once the lead is generated it becomes his sheer responsibility to provide the company with the prospects’ list who are ultimately the decision makers.
The MCB Marketing Team now steps in to perform its part by regular follow-ups to those prospects highlighting the unique features and products offered by MyClassboard. Converting the prospective leads and adding them to our client’s list is the motto and motive and after successful closure of the lead, we have a new client joining our family. Acknowledging the efforts of the referrer, MyClassboard rewards him with a compensation of Rs. 1000/- per lead once the trial is converted to subscription.
Catering to more than 800 educational institutions across India and abroad, MyClassboard is now considered the best school management software in the market and has earned the title “India’s most widely used and trusted school management software”.
MyClassboard is calling out to more talented individuals who also wish to partner with MyClassboard and extend an olive branch to the thousands of schools spread across the bylanes of India who would benefit from such a software and in doing so you, the partner can also earn money.
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