The Uses Of Information Technology in Education
Education plays a vital role in the evolution of human life. It is a lifetime process and helps in changing the lifestyle of an individual. Education gives information which helps in better individual thinking hence contributing in building a better society. It helps in reducing the literacy rate fostering the development of economic growth. Hence it is very important that education is accessible to everyone and anywhere. Information Technology in education has made life easier and faster in terms of access and information sharing. With the increasing demand for information technology worldwide, it is evident that the future is dependent on technology. Therefore it is prominent for students to get accustomed to the practice by getting familiar with the emerging technologies. The only way this can be achieved is by integrating information technology in schools. Modern education plays an important role in giving best learning experience to students. The introduction of information technology in schools changed the pace of education and learning. Not only the information is made accessible, but the quality of education is also improved. With new technologies emerging, schools are adapting them as a part of their curriculum. Here are few reasons why technology should be incorporated in education and schools. Easy access to information: Advancements in technology not only provide the wide range of information but also make it accessible from anywhere. Information Technology in education provides vivid and vast techniques through which learning can be made easy. In the era of computer and web networks, information can be accessed from any corner of the world. With smartphones and gadgets in every student’s hand, the whole information is made available in one’s palm. IT has also facilitated its service to differently abled students. Various software and techniques are provided to educate visually impaired students and other students with disabilities. Technology cuts time and distance: With the introduction of online education and distance education, time and space constraints have been eliminated. Many Universities are coming forward to provide online educational programs; thereby there is no slot for geographical distance and time difference. Education is globalized with online education. Educational resources: Information Technology in schools makes it easy to access information through digital resources which gave education and learning a different dimension. Teaching in a digital classroom which includes audio and visual education not only guides the students but also infuse in them the knowledge required. The online library is yet another resource which gives information beyond class textbooks which are being replaced by gadgets, mobiles, and tablets. Students can enhance their learning skills by using the digital resources even during the absence of teachers. Easy learning: Information Technology that is made use of in the classroom has changed the way we learn and interpret. It is very beneficial in helping the students learn, understand and absorb what they are being taught. Visual illustration through projection screens connected to computers in classrooms helps students to understand and prepare notes rather than sitting and listening to lecture. There are a good number of applications available to students that help with the learning process outside the classroom. Cost-effective: Information Technology in education is cost-effective as the resources such as eBooks, online library, and other online resources are cheaper. The eBooks are cheaper when compared to the class textbooks with much information available beyond the textbooks. Digital learning techniques prompt in better learning at affordable prices to all students. New technologies are changing the way we learn and also the process of teaching. Integration of IT into education turns schools into interactive and dynamic institutions and fosters collaboration among schools and parents. The more technology advances the more benefits it provides.
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