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Case Study II: Ryan Group of Institutions – Transportation Fees

The next question we asked ourselves was what are the other fee types that a school collects from its students and the most important one was the transport charges. Extensive research gave us a thorough idea of the process and all the variables involved in this transaction and then we started working on prorating this concept. Prorating admission fee collection was very different from this task, the main reason being, that a student staying farther from the school will have to pay more transport charges than a student staying closer. For ease of understanding, we call it the various “slabs” of transport charges. Now before we even get into slab charges, the first task was to provide prorate functionality to the basic transport charges.

Irrespective of a student’s distance from the school, if he/she was availing transportation provided by the school, then he/she would be liable to pay the fees for the same but what if the said student wanted to opt out of school provided transportation after a few months or better still, if he/she wanted to suspend the service only for a few months and then resume it back, how to calculate this automatically and also keep the accounting software from going haywire was the task MyClassboard took up next. It was not easy but having just completed the prorating of fee admission module it was relatively simple to apply the same concept to transport charge prorate system.
The real challenge was the slab concept. What if a student who was staying farther from school shifts his/her house a few months into the academic year and is now closer to the school and so should be charged the lesser amount, Will he/she be charged the lesser amount for the entire year or the amount calibrated for the larger distance the whole year as both these calculations as seen here will give incorrect value to the final cost the student needs to actually pay, and so the need of calibrating the slab concept in the middle of the year was prominent and that’s what we did, now no matter how many times the student changes his/her location, the school will always be able to charge the correct amount from the student in terms of transport fees.

This is the kind of purpose and values that Mr.Ajay Sakhamuri, our CEO, built MyClassboard around, overall customer satisfaction through technological advancements is what we strive for.

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