50 Wonders of MyClassboard School Management Software

  1. Customer Centric Approach: MyClassboard was built by extensive R&D in the field of education and schools in general, this R&D team even today is tasked with the duty to point out the latest requirements in the software solution and to get it incorporated in a timely manner in collaboration with the IT team.

  2. Most Trusted: India’s Most Trusted School Management Software.

  3. Anywhere accessibility: MyClassboard is a cloud-based service, hence there is no installation required to use it. Also, you can use your login ID and password and get access to the services from anywhere in the world.

  4. Constant Updates: The R&D team is always on the lookout for enriching features that will help schools/college; hence MyClassboard is frequently being updated with latest modules.

  5. No hidden charges: MyClassboard always maintains complete transparency in regards to pricing and billing of services. There are no hidden charges or fees associated with MyClassboard.

  6. Start using MyClassboard in just 10 minutes: A simple sign up allows you to start customizing the service to your needs and begin using it. The service is also available for free trial usage.

  7. Eco-Friendly: With the current state of the world climate, transitioning to complete ERP software like MyClassboard for all your needs will make your institution very eco-friendly. Your institute will become a paperless organization thereby reducing your carbon footprint.

  8. Grow from managing your school to Developing your school: Let MyClassboard help you manage your school while you can concentrate more on developing it.

  9. User-Friendly: MyClassboard has been built keeping the end user’s ease of usage in mind hence making it the most user-friendly school management software solution in the market.

  10. Multi-School Solution: MyClassboard is designed and tested to not only deliver promised results for just one school at a time but all the branches under your umbrella.

  11. Never delete anything again: MyClassboard ensures that you have all the storage space you will need available to you hence you will never have to delete data again.

  12. Empower your Teachers: MyClassboard enables you to empower your teachers and other staff members by providing them insightful reports about student performance analytics. These will not only help the students learn better from their dedicated teachers but also the school will get recognition for taking helpful initiatives.

  13. Ease of Data Migration: MyClassboard incorporates custom Data import tools in its software solution for easy migration of data from your existing software into MyClassboard.

  14. CCE: MyClassboard fully incorporates all the latest CCE guidelines from CBSE. You can now upload marks for SA & FA with relative ease. Another aspect worthy of mentioning is that teachers now have a central location to consolidate all remarks as part of SA.

  15. Custom Reports: MyClassboard enables you to generate highly insightful reports which you can customize any way you deem necessary, thus giving you the power to do things your way.

  16. Graphical Reports: Reports made out of just numbers mean nothing much and are hard to understand; hence MyClassboard has incorporated a tool to turn all reports into graphical reports with ease.

  17. Transport management: Easily track all vehicles in your transport fleet and ensure proper functionality of each of these vehicles with regular reminders to get check up done.

  18. Tally Integration: Existing institutes using Tally for the purpose of accounting can easily use MyClassboard software solutions as we are 100% compatible with Tally.

  19. Printer Friendly: The entire MyClassboard software solution is extremely printer friendly, hence you can generate printed reports of any and all data as per your requirements using anything from dot-matrix printers to the latest thermal printers.

  20. Student Records: Easily keep track and manage all student related data like performance analysis, health reports, co-curricular reports, rewards, and recognitions.

  21. Custom URL: We will host your school website and also maintain the same if you choose. This way you need to not worry about ensuring a digital footprint for your school. Our technical team will do it for you.

  22. Mobile App: MyClassboard has complete mobile application functionality enabling you to access all features from an application on your phone. Alternatively, it has also been optimized for every browser across devices enabling you to access your MyClassboard account on mobile phones even without mobile applications.

  23. Online Payments Integration: MyClassboard has collaborated with major banks and other online payment aggregators to allow parents to pay fees online without having to come to the school or college. This facility has now also been extended to the mobile platforms as well enabling the parents to pay fees on the go.

  24. Security: Data Security is of prime importance to MyClassboard, hence all crucial data is stored under severe protection in the form of firewalls

  25. Web Based: MyClassboard is a cloud based service that you use from the comfort of your favorite devices connected to the internet like desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones & tablets.

  26. Send SMS’s and automatic alerts to parents on their mobile phones: Inform parents about emergency notices, their child’s performance, exam schedules, pending fees, etc., via app-based or push-based notifications.

  27. Regular Campus Updates: MyClassboard allows you to create notices and choose who to share them with. This effectively will make it into a virtual notice board.

  28. Smart attendance: The new age concepts like biometric devices, swipe cards etc., can be integrated with MyClassboard to allow for smarter attendance management.

  29. Library management: Library management module powered by MyClassboard enables you to keep track of all the books in the library and all the books lent to students. Students can also be sent timely reminders to inform them of their return by dates ensuring good circulation of the books.

  30. Fee Receipts: Customize, design and create fee receipts to print or share digitally with parents.

  31. Reminders: Easily set up reminders to inform parents of important events like exams, excursions, events, etc.

  32. Secure Password Management: Easily recover lost passwords or simply change your passwords from time to time for complete security.

  33. Guardian details instantly available: In the case of emergencies, find the complete details of guardians and parents instantly.

  34. Analyze Student Performance: MyClassboard enables you to evaluate the performance of either a single student or group of students with ease.

  35. Data Privacy: MyClassboard protects all client data with dedicated servers across various locations all the while heavily encrypted with 256-bit data encryption software and several perennial firewalls.

  36. HR & Payroll: Easily manage all HR related duties and the entire payroll for your complete staff across various branches of your institution with complete control.

  37. Parent and student login: MyClassboard allows multiple login IDs with customized dashboards so the parents and students can each have their respective login IDs and passwords and get access to information that they need very easily.

  38. Employee login: Separate login IDs and passwords to your entire staff (teaching and non-teaching) ensures that the entire operation is automated and seamless.

  39. Control Privileges: The wizard level access allows you to control user management features allowing you to choose different privileges for different users and user groups.

  40. File attachments: MyClassboard supports all the notable file formats for the purpose of attaching them in the software for uploads and downloads.

  41. Admissions: MyClassboard powered Admissions module is a very comprehensive module from where you can control all aspects of enquiries, registration, and admissions for your school/college.

  42. School Messenger: MyClassboard powered School Messenger is an effective communications tool, connecting the management, teachers, students & parents and allowing them to hold conversations with ease.

  43. Customization Ready: MyClassboard acknowledges the fact that while it has been built after considerable and extensive R&D there may be some features that you might want which have not been incorporated in it. For this MyClassboard has a dedicated developers team on standby to accommodate any customizations you may need.

  44. Affordable Pricing: MyClassboard has always offered its services for the lowest costs in the market. Schools & colleges of any size can easily afford our services.

  45. 8, 00,000+ teachers and students are currently using MyClassboard.

  46. Free Trial: All MyClassboard services are available free of cost on trial basis for schools/colleges across the globe. Kindly contact our sales team here to know more.

  47. Form Builder: Create smart feedback forms and collect valuable data from student, parents, teachers and other staff members also easily convert the results to reports.

  48. Dedicated support teams: MyClassboard houses dedicated support teams in various locations across the country that will help you with any and all queries. It is also very easy to reach out the support team using either the phone (+91-40-48584444), email (, or through chat and complaint cell inbuilt in our website (

  49. MyClassboard is now used in 1200+ schools and colleges around the country and other foreign locations!

  50. Start earning with MyClassboard: MyClassboard is always on the lookout for young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs who wish to partner with us and spread the benefits and features of MyClassboard into the remote corners of the country.
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