Educational institutions are committed to achieving academic goals through distance format via Online Classes. MCB’s Online Classes are here to support the cause and help schools and students ace their academic goals efficiently.


MCB Zoom Online Classes

Are you overwhelmed on how to continue educating students amidst the pandemic? This crisis has forced school closures globally, in an unprecedented disruption of K-12 schooling. MyClassboard’s commitment is to educators access Online Classes with seamless technology and resources while minimising disruption to ensure every student continues to learn and have access to the education they deserve while staying safe and healthy.

We’re integrated with Zoom, one of the top video conferencing software in the industry Zoom. MCB allows educational institutes to seamlessly sign in to Zoom for all users enabling instructors to schedule and manage and record online classes with no app installation. Students can join their Online Classes right on their MCB student portal via Mobile App and Web.

Features of MCB Zoom Online Classes

Classic Online Classes

Create Online Classes for students to learn from the safety of their homes. Students can access the Online Classes provided on the MCB Zoom platform with utmost security, ease and flexibility. You can avail an unlimited number of online classes with a duration limit of 40 minutes with 100 participants per session. You can also upgrade yourself in a few simple steps to make most of the Online Classes as you can avail no restriction on the duration and with as many as 300 participants per session. Instructors and students can interact, collaborate and resolve real-time just as they would in a traditional classroom.

Online Classes Class Group Wise

You can create individual class groups and simply schedule Online Classes for a particular class group within a class. Now customise learning for students by scheduling classes for individual class groups using this unique feature on MCB Zoom.

Join Online Class In-progress

Students can join an online class after it’s commencement (if lock meeting option is disabled by the host). Students can join an Online Class and later catch up with the missed topics by accessing the online class recordings and asking instructors their doubts.

Host Webinar

A webinar is a view-only platform that allows presenters to schedule, host and broadcast to up to 500 attendees. They are designed to support learning events in schools that have a broader appeal. You can also record these webinars so they can be viewed later.

Host Classes centrally

MCB’s Online Classes sets you up for real live interaction sessions. You can now efficiently schedule and host an online class for multiple branches at a time while keeping it flexible as per your requirement.

Conduct Orientations and PTM

Parent-teacher meetings help the instructor and parent find ways to work together to ensure a student’s success. Build a strong partnership between parents and teachers with Online Orientations and PTMs. Schedule and invite parents to attend for PTM just like for any traditional parent-teacher meeting in minutes by updating on the MCB app, via email, or as an announcement. Student parents can join the meeting from anywhere via any device

Online Class Attendance Analytics

Attendance is captured and can be generated into Attendance Analytics reports. This will provide instructors with an exhaustive picture of the students attending and not attending the Online Classes. You can also send an email, SMS or notification to the parents with the attendance reports of their ward. This will help both students and parents stay on top of things without losing track.

Online Class Reports

Online Class Reports is designed to generate comprehensive reports for the scheduled, previous and upcoming Online Classes. Now view reports showing you in-depth details of Online Classes with their session details, student count, participants, attendance percentage and more.

Online Classes Dashboard

With Online Classes Dashboard, you get an insightful analysis of the number of online classes conducted for each class month on month to keep track and enhance productivity wherever there is scope.

A sneak peek into the best-in-class features

  1. Integration between MCB and Zoom enables Single Sign-On to Zoom directly from MCB with virtually no need for any third-party app installation.
  2. Students can simply join the class with their default enrollment code and name.
  3. Scheduling and hosting a single session for all learners in just a few clicks with automated attendance capturing.
  4. Schedule Online Classes for students Class Group-Wise or House Group-Wise (for cultural, inter-school events).
  5. You can record Online Classes and have them available for further download from the LMS.
  6. Generate comprehensive analytic reports for every Online Class in a central location with insights into the online class schedules, participants, syllabus covered, attendance and staff workload.
  1. Automated side-loading of recorded Online Classes in MCB providing a cost-effective storage solution.
  2. Instructors (and students alike) can view, monitor and manage previous meetings and recordings.
  3. Conduct interactive Parent-Teacher Meetings student-wise or section-wise.
  4. Create brainstorming webinars for students across all branches.
  5. Efficient and secure user account management employing state-of-the-art encryption ensuring the account information is always stored securely.
  6. Receive in-app notifications to help you keep posted on upcoming classes and when to join.
  1. Pro & Business Zoom accounts can be smoothly integrated with MCB to avail additional advantages.
  2. Verified Staff User creation on Zoom for hosting Online Classes.
  3. Easy license management amongst users (schedule based) with no virtual obligation to buy individual staff licenses unless required.
  4. MCB for Zoom streamlines administration while providing enhanced security for your educational institutions’ online classes.
  5. Shift licenses between users with no virtual requirement to buy licenses for every staff, instead buy a few and use them on a rotational basis Zoom License for instructors