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Ryan International Group of schools

The Ryan International Group has a widespread interest in the sphere of quality education with a commitment to excellence. The Ryan Group started its first school in Mumbai in 1976. After a span of 32 years, it has grown into one of India;s leading group of institutions providing quality education to our students, facilitated by dedicated teachers who are trained to channelize their energy and resources towards quality learning. With a presence of more than 120+ branches it was very difficult for the management to monitor the operations in the field of Academics, Finance and HR. Here are the challenges the group faced:
MyClassboard has made a significant contribution to the overall success of Ryan School. The innovative technology has enhanced teaching and learning, and facilitated student success. Through this strong partnership, Ryan School management has been a part of a collaborative working environment with MyClassboard where their opinions, concerns, and their suggestions are taken seriously. The following are a few impacts, Built transparency between Parent – Teacher & Branch – Corporate office Made easy to manage the Academic activities, Financial, and HR & Payroll. Was able to reduce the cost by 20 % in stationary and man power areas. Teachers now spend more time in academics which lead to better ranks 10 % increase in admission count as teachers were not included in the financials

Ryan Group Of Schools

Delhi School of Excellence

It has become a big challenge for the teachers to adopt a scheme of continuous evaluation that helps the teacher to know whether the students have mastered the required skills or not. It;s a fact that evaluation is done to measure the level of knowledge and to see the where the students stand in terms of academics. As this evaluation was done by a manual method, the practical skills and the mental ability of the students were highly neglected to a great extent. The teachers faced many challenges before they were introduced to Myclassboard. The challenges faced by the teachers were:
MyClassboard has developed a CCE module in a global way which helps different schools affiliated to various boards like CBSE, ICSE, etc. After implementing the CCE module in the school we have noticed a drastic change in managing the evaluation process by doing it through MyClassboard. It has reduced the burden of manual methodologies. MyClassboard CCE software has provided different learning processes which gives directions to both teachers and students to proceed in a systematic manner. It made the teachers; work easy in the following areas.

Delhi School Of Excellence