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MCB's Online Classes

MyClassboard wants to do its share to help educational institutions continue educating students amid coronavirus.
We believe schools are now committed to completing the curriculum through distance format after considering all possible alternatives. While it is necessary to protect the health and well-being of the school community, it is equally, if not more, important to not let students’ learning and progress take a toll.
MCB believes online education is capable of providing a viable option for continuing to educate students during COVID-19-related interruptions.MyClassboard’s Online Classes platform encourages schools to shift classes online while the state’s fighting the pandemic.


How MCB Online Classes Platform Works

With MCB’s Online Classes platform, teachers can now schedule online classes on a given subject, for a given class and section, for a given time slot. Once the online class is scheduled, students can view the same using MCB Parent Portal. However, they can join the class only at the given time.



Benefits of Online Classes Platform

Follow a systematic order by scheduling day’s classes with no clash between two classes
Prior blocking of the slot for a class to take an online class
Seamless Integration with LMS
Automatic capture of students’ attendance
High-quality video and audio interactive sessions
Generate detailed online class, student attendance reports

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