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Newsletter August & September 2020

Twice the Goodness with August & September MCB Features
Dear Patron,
Greetings from MCB! Hope you and your family are keeping safe and well.
Like always, MCB’s improvements know no bounds. We have come up with the most-awaited updates for the quite-happening months of August and September together. We know you love our unique features. To enhance your experience, we have gone a notch-above and have made the following changes.

MCB Feature Updates:

Utmost Security:

  • We now Allow Multiple Attempts which is an added setting to provide students with multiple attempts for an online exam. It enables students to re-attempt within the set duration (in a time-based exam) and due date (in a self-paced exam) in case of unforeseen technical or power issues.
  • We have added a new page where the admin can Manage Parent Portal Access (enable/disable parent portal login) after checking the student’s Fee Due.
  • We have added a screen to Fix Common Issues in the parent mobile app from the school admin login. You can find it in the Academic Data Checker available on the system admin dashboard.
  • Hide Password for Student Login on Zoom ,b>Online Classes while keeping the class password-protected for students joining from zoom. Students can seamlessly join classes via MCB as they are authenticated automatically.

Matter of Your Convenience:

  • Students can now submit up to 20 files with size 10MB for every Online Assignment.
  • Easy Menus Management as schools can now inactive specific menus for a student.
  • Displaying student admission number in Co-Scholastic Grade Entry and Student Remarks screen alongside other details.
  • Update Parents’ Citizenship for Students section-wise.
  • Select All Branches in Online Classes Report (Zoom) at system admin level and generate reports for all/specific branches for selected date. When selecting a single branch, you can generate reports for the last seven days, thirty days, selected dates range, and till date.
  • Generate Survey Form Report class wise. While an admin can generate detailed or consolidated Survey Report for a specific or all classes and branches, the branch admin can generate the report for the respective branch.

Easy Finance Management:

  • Introducing BBPS Activation (Bharat Bill Payment System) &
  • Enable Approval for Miscellaneous Fees as well.
  • Easy maintenance of Corporate Bank details for payment gateway users as bank name would now be reflected in the drop down.
  • Understand expenditure better with a Mess Report showing the Net Amount for the items purchased for a certain period.
  • School admin can choose the Hall-Ticket Format and enable Fee Due Checking for Hall Ticket Generation. When enabled, the access to Student Exam Hall Ticket in Parent Login is restricted.

What’s New in MCB?

For School Admins and Parents:

  • We have added a cool new Pop-Up Message in Parent login (web) parent/student portal as they log in. Schools can set Announcement as a pop-up, Fee Due for the ongoing term, a Custom pop-up or None.
  • Send Web Notifications containing images, text, links for Staff and Parents/Students’ web login.

In Online Assessments:

  • Conduct Summative Exams with any combination of questions (as per the blueprint) for any subject by segmenting the question paper based on the question type and weightage on a specified date and time for given duration. Publish results instantly as or on a selected date. Students can view the question paper and upload answers as images or pdf. Post evaluation, students can check the corrected files and feedback given by the teacher.
  • Add complex mathematical equations and symbols in questions using the Math Editor option.
  • Jumble questions order against the Online Objective Exam.
Hope we have made it up to you with the past two months’ updates and additions. Though we try not to be overwhelmed with the situation around, we acknowledge and empathise with the challenging times, we want to express our gratitude to you as part of this community that has constantly endured challenging times and have reached greater heights. Like always, on behalf of everyone at MCB, we wish you, your teams and your loved ones’ health, safety and peace. Best, Team MCB.